Lumia 610 is real and headed to MWC

Remember the Nokia 610 rumor rumor we posted yesterday and our obvious skepticism about the authenticity of the device? If you don’t remember that, the device is expected to be on the lower end scale offering hardware specs from a few years ago running Windows Phone Tango. According to liveside the device has passed through Indonesia certified testing, while bringing some new details about the Lumia 610. The device is expected to be GSM and supporting the 900/1800 frequency and the WCDMA 2100 bands. Luckily the device will have standard bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections. There is however no word on pricing and it is expected that the Lumia 610 will fully debut at MWC in a matter of weeks.


Nokia Lumia 610 confirmed

Nokia Lumia 610 confirmed

via: liveside Source: Postel

What the deuce? Windows Mobile on a Windows Phone!?

One of the largest requests from users after Microsoft announced Windows Phone is whether there would be app compatibility. Something to which Microsoft themselves gave an emphatic no to many hopeful Windows Phone users. And to those current users who’ve given Windows Phone the good ol’ college try have realized that Windows Mobile had a lot to offer. But, many are stuck with Windows Phone for the long haul. Or are they?

Those quirky guys at DFT are working on a project called WML, or the Windows Mobile Loader. Granted, I don’t know how it works honestly, but it’s far too fast to be emulated. Essentially, it loads, Windows Mobile 6.0 (or 6.1), ushering Windows Phone users back to 2007 to play with TCPMP and other apps that we loved so much. Confused yet? We are too…let’s just watch the video and ask the tell tale question. Do you want to go back to those days of old?