Job Posting confirms: Windows Phone Mango apps will run on Apollo

Guys at 1800PocketPC were tipped by an anonymous tipster and a simple Google search led me to a job posting.

 Windows Phone Apollo

Windows Phone Apollo

Job posting for the post of Senior Design Engineer in Testing above clearly states in the job description:

Automated testing of marketplace applications written for Mango, but running on Apollo.

Yes, that’s about it. This one line is very important, especially for developers. We know that with Windows Phone 8, Microsoft is transitioning from Windows CE to Windows NT kernel which confused a lot of exisiting developers. Will their application run on Windows Phone 8? If not, then how will they port it? Currently, there are no resources to guide developers with regards to WP8 application development. All we know is that Silverlight is going out, that’s about it. Well, you may argue that Windows Phone 8 is far away from launch but developers usually think about long term and to be honest it’s better to gear up and get ready before it’s too late.  Here’s hoping Microsoft says a word or two about Windows Phone Apollo this month at Mobile World Congress.




Rumor – Nokia Lumia 610 Tango Phone?

Another day, another Nokia rumor in our midst. But even this rumor has me very skeptical. According to nok4us, an anonymous tipster has given information on a “new” Nokia device running Windows Phone Tango code named the Lumia 610. Given the new numbering scheme, this device is definitely on the budget end, and the alleged specs clarify just how low end this device is. Specs include:

  • 256 mb RAM
  • 5 MP camera with led flash
  • 3.5 inch screen of unknown technology
  • interchangeable back covers

The device itself looks a lot like the Nokia C7. In fact, it also looks like a poor attempt at photoshop. Nevertheless, if the device is real, it could be a great free buy on contract for at the very least 50-70 euro unlocked. Though, is this a phone you want? Discuss?

via: nok4us


Windows Phone in 2011, how did it fare?

The year 2011 has become a distant memory to many of us as we enter the middle of February 2012. However, the 2011 worldwide smart phone numbers are still important because the numbers can indicate a lot about platform performance and market perception. Of course, as we all know, 2011 was ruled by Apple’s iOS platform and Google Android. But in a sea of several different smartphones vying for number 1, how did Windows Phone do in its sophomore year with Nokia backing?

Communities Dominate owner Tomi Ahonen, former 3G Business Consultant and head of Nokia’s Global 3G provides some very interesting statistics regarding how Windows Phone performed worldwide. From what it appears, Windows Phone has moved considerably beyond the now defunct Windows Mobile with a 5 million operating system market share increasing its OS market share from 2 million in 2010. Similarly, the Windows Phone OS base has also increased from 2 million in 2010 to 7 million in 2011.

While the averages note growth in the Windows Phone brand, not only in beating Windows Mobile, but creating market presence, Windows Phone is still at 1% market share with other brands (such as Android and Apple) dominating the global smart phone market. Placing this further in perspective, with all of the issues Blackberry has and the phasing out of Symbian by Nokia, their market share engulfs the Windows Phone market share and global reach astronomically. Overall, while the news shows growth in Windows Phone, Microsoft has a long way to go to truly be considered a dominant force in the smartphone wars.

In light of the news, tell us what you think about the estimated global numbers of Windows Phone. If you want to see how it truly stacks against other smartphone OSes, hit up the source link below. In fact, I highly recommend viewing the source link.

source: communities dominate