Grooveshark says Happy Valentine’s Day – Grooveshark now on Windows Phone

This has to be the best Valentine’s Gift ever.

Earlier James Hartig from Grooveshark team had posted about how Windows Phone is plagued with IE9′s Flawed AJAX

After the post, Ben Riga contacted Hartig and offered help and now Grooveshark’s HTML5 site works on your Windows Phone’s browser.

We loaded the site and it just works perfectly and plays music ( even under the lock screen ) . Although, I would prefer a Grooveshark App for Windows Phone - but I am not complaining .

To Ben, Eric and James – Thanks for this gift !

via WPCentral

Notify My Windows Phone: Push notification platform; interview with developer

nmwpA new service for Windows phone will be of interest to app and web developers who are targeting the Windows Phone platform. Notify My Windows Phone is an app + web service that allows publishers to send messages to windows phone users. The way it works is: users download the NMWP app (which will cost $1.99). As a publisher, you can target specific users by requesting their api key. You send a POST request to the NMWP web server, and based on the API keys in your request, it will send the notification to all the users.

This eliminates the need to set up your own server, learning and keeping up with Microsoft’s Push Notification service and its idiosyncrasies. Additionally, if a particular user has used up her quota of 500 notifications a day, the user can still get to that information by manually opening the NMWP app. On the flip side, this puts the burden of the service on the user (they pay for the app), and the push notification goes to the NMWP app, not your app.

We reached out to the developer, Yngve Nilsen for additional comments:

WPSauce: So my understanding is that for now, this is a single app, multiple publisher model. Is that right?
Yngve:- That’s correct. The application utilizes Microsofts Push Notification Service and there are no limitations as to how many publishers there are.

WPSauce: Are you planning to make this a multi-app, multiple publisher model like Urban Airship? (Any timeframe?)
Yngve: I am hoping that I’ll be able to extend this to also enable push to for instance Android and/or iPhone, but at the time being, I’m focusing on hitting the Windows Phone 7 market, since there are already similar services for the other platforms. I’m also interested in seeing the demand and popularity once the app is released.

What I would really like to see is services like "If this then that" ( or similar implement my service and thus spreading the word.

WPSauce: What is your revenue model going to be like? Will you charge publishers? How much?
Yngve:Currently I’m only going to charge $1.99 for the WP7 app. Publishers will not have to pay, and it will stay that way forever when it comes to the functionality available when the app goes live. There might be some pro-functionality somewhere up the road, but for now the app price is all (and it’s pretty cheap also, I must admit ;))

WPSauce: Where are you hosting your servers?
Yngve:I’m hosting the servers at If the app ends up being massively popular, it might be a test as to how much throughput their serveres can withstand :)

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