Photon Cloud SDK to bring Realtime multiplayer gaming support to Windows Phone

Ever dreamed of playing realtime RTS, MMOs or even FPS  games on your Windows Phone with your friends? Well, it can now be a reality. Windows Phone developers can now use the free SDK from Exit Games and add realtime multiplayer to their existing games or brand new games. Photon SDK is available for nearly every platform and Exit Games has recently extended support to Windows Phone 7.1 (compiled on Mango SDK) applications.

Here’s more from the official website:

“With the Photon SDK you are able to take full advantage of our renowned and easy to use socket-based Network Engine.

Check out the free SDK and witness the awesomeness:

  • Develop in C# .NET 4.0
  • Easy UI creation and view-management via Silverlight/XAML
  • On device debugging
  • Demo containing sample code for easy integration in your Windows Phone Apps”

Developers can sign up for  a free trial in which Exit Games provide free hosting for upto 100 users (not to forget 24/7 uptime) for limited time. You can take a look at all the pricing options here .

Developers, are you willing to use this SDK or wait for an undefined period of time to wait for Microsoft to release an official SDK which allows realtime multiplayer?

Source: Exit Games

Thanks for  the tip Asad!