The Nokia Ace could be real after all

The chimera device known as the Nokia Lumia 900 (Ace) that many tech sites have posted renders, clues and hints since July 2011 has turned out to be all but confirmed from various souces.

The first sources are from pocketnow, which previously leaked the first assumed images of the Nokia Ace. Now pocketnow is back with specs for the Lumia 900 and the specs do look amazing. Similar to all Mango devices, the phone is rumored to have 512 MB RAM and a 8 MP camera with a 4.3-inch WVGA display. The new rumored specs include battery size and dimensions. The phone is 5.64 oz and .47 inches thick with a whopping 1830 mAh battery life. Probably the best aspect about the device is the T-Mobile US AWS bands bundled with the device and the international release of the Lumia 900. Of course, the leaked specs could be questionable at best. Rumors are rumors and frequently news occurs that doesn’t mean its accurate (anyone remember the HTC Bresson?).

Nokia Ace 900 on WPBench

Nokia Ace 900 on WPBench

However, the rumors of at least the existence of the device may be verified. Thanks to the WP Bench site, a program that is used to benchmark the current Windows Phone devices on the market, the Nokia Lumia 900 has curiously crept on the site. Previously, we’ve known it to be easy to falsify such data, but since then, it’s difficult to fake information about a device. Sufficed to say with the amount of leaks and rumors surrounding the device, it is beginning to look a lot like the 800, which was leaked ad nauseum before the release of the device at Nokia World last year.

It’s safe to say the Lumia 900 is real. We will find out at CES next week whether or not the rumored specs and actual specs match up. But if they do, is this The Windows Phone to get? Discuss

via: pocketnow, wpbench

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