nokia 910

Lumia 910 available for pre-order?

While Eldar’s recent tweet of the Nokia Lumia 910 is taken with a heavy grain of salt, it would appear that the tweet gains further credibility., a dutch retailer has outed the Nokia Lumia 910 with a 12 mp camera sensor. In itself the phone looks a whole lot like the Nokia Lumia 900 with a massive 4.3 inch screen with clear black amoled display with front facing camera and 16 gb onboard storage running Windows Phone Mango. Unfortunately, the retailer lacks any information that indicates the date of availability. Still, we like this rumor gaining lots of traction with a hopeful release date looming.

Here is the complete spec. sheet translated in English:


Lumia 910 specs

Lumia 910 specs

(click the image for better view)

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