Grooveshark client for Windows Phone delayed due to technical issues

The makers of Grooveshark took the time to explain why the HTML 5 based website fails to work on the windows phone. They explain that due to a bug in the implementation of cross-domain AJAX requests, Internet Explorer (both on the desktop and on the phone) cannot make an AJAX call to an HTTPS endpoint from an HTTP page. They claim that there is an easy fix for this (serving the entire website using HTTPS), but “that is not possible right now”.

The funny thing about the article is that it seems that the developers have made a genuine effort to support windows phones (rewriting a javascript library to support IE, changing the audio endpoint from audio.php to audio.mp3), but due to one last technical hurdle they failed to get it working in Windows Phone. Understandably, the post is quite bitter and resentful.

We would encourage the developers of Grooveshark not to give up, and go the last few miles. Build an HTTPS site, Grooveshark, that will solve both the wp7 issue and will generally be helpful with privacy concerns.

(via reddit)

5 thoughts on “Grooveshark client for Windows Phone delayed due to technical issues”

    1. What in DNS would they need to setup?

      The difference to the end user might just be HTTPS vs HTTP, which should not even be something users deal with as the site can easily just send them there once it detects that it’s IE9.

  1. Its not as easy as saying ‘just put SSL everywhere’, on paper it make sense but its not that dumb!

    Due to the encryption/decryption algorithm, SSL is generally highly CPU Hungry and on a site with as much traffic as grooveshark, it can destroy your performance and stability, bottleneck at an extreme if the money and time is not invested correctly in preparation of such a solutions on an already heavy-traffic site.

  2. IE 10 (at least the desktop one) is supposed to support XMLHttpRequest Level 2, so if it’s correctly implemented, it should work. IE8+ uses his own cross-origin method which indeed has this limitation.

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