Folders for Windows Phone updated to look like native feature, coming soon to Homebrew community

Folders for Windows Phone, a homebrew development Project by WPHacker, has been taken to the next level. First reported in October, Folders hack for Windows Phone initially allowed you to create on device folders or groups with each group consisting of numerous applications and finally you can pin any group to the home screen. Sounds perfect, right? Right but there was a catch. You had to deploy applications via a software on your PC. Cumbersome, yes. But now there’s been a breakthrough. You no longer need a software to deploy applications. You can now add both system apps and marketplace apps on the device from the application itself. Homebrew apps cannot be added at the moment. I haven’t had a chance to play with the new build, yet. Watch the video below to see the application in action:


Read more about the Project here: Folders for Windows Phone


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