Bloomberg: 1.3 million estimated Nokia Lumias shipped in 2011

Windows Phone always has some issues when it comes to numbers; often with Microsoft deferring the numbers questions to the OEMs who also seem mum about total Windows Phone handsets sold. So it comes as very little shock that analysts have to assume any Windows Phone numbers, much to our joy and chagrin.

After polling 22 analysts, Bloomberg has concluded that the the amount of estimated Windows Phones shipped to retailers and carriers ranged between 800,000 to 2 million devices; with an average of 1.3 million devices estimated to be shipped. The big question to be is asked is do we believe the estimated sales or do we wait for the official sales figures Nokia releases quarterly during their investor’s meeting? We think you should wait for the official news. But what do you think: 800,00 – 2 million devices shipped is an accurate number?


via: BusinessWeek

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