Nokia working on NFC, wireless charging for Windows Phone?

While the Windows Phone Operating System is touted to be a contender in the smart phone race, hardware seems to deter many customers who demand the latest and greatest hardware. However, Nokia is hard at work to create a Windows Phone with NFC (Near Field Communications) and wireless charging, according to Marko Ahtisaari, Nokia design chief. Nokia is also working on enhancing the hardware design to match their chassis to the Windows Phone tile color. New changes to the Nokia Lumia flagship design includes the removal of the flip-up plastic tab covering the microusb port and the microsim door. The move makes one wonder if the microsim is departing in favor of a wireless charging station. However, it is also a great thing to see that Nokia is open to making changes to improve the overall Windows Phone experience inside and out. What does everyone else think?

source: guardian uk