The Nokia Numbers are in: only more than a million devices so far

Numbers, numbers, numbers, it is something that we have all demanded from Windows Phone OEMs since last year. We have estimates and figures, but it’s nice to know concretely how Windows Phone is doing in comparison to the competition. The bearer of at least some numbers comes from the desk of Nokia in their quarterly call. According to the report, Nokia has sold well over 1 million Lumia Windows Phones devices to date. To add a bit of perspective here to that number, let’s add a few things. The well over one million devices includes the time of release (November 16) to January 26. Exclusively, the number has very little to do with the full Q4 because a full month and a half was curiously removed due to the device not being ready. Further, the smartphone sales have dropped significantly from 31% from last year with only a 1% drop in feature phone sales. In that vein, feature phones look pretty compared to the smartphone area, which makes a lot of sense considering there has been one meego device and two Windows Phones released in a segmented manner. Estimated figures from intomobile estimate that the total number of devices sold for Q4 is somewhere in the 600,000s. Should we call this a freshman slump or all apart of the restructuring plan?

via: Nokia, intomobile


Rumor: Lumia 910 with 12 MP camera?

Oh Eldar, we have to admit something. Right or wrong, we love your tweets really we do. Because when it comes to Windows, you have such a unique track record. In a sense of outdoing himself from the round of rumors, Eldar confirms that a new Lumia device is looming. When it comes to the camera, however, there are a few questions. 8 mp or higher? We know that the North American version definitely has a 8 mp camera, but the Eldar may have a word to give about the camera specs. We know that Nokia is giving preference to specific carriers to make changes to the hardware (much like the GSII), but Eldar Murtazin certainly thinks that the European market will get a 12 mp rear camera in a completely new model number called the Lumia 910. Admittedly, the rumor is slowly starting to gain traction as markets here in the United States have been rumored to have competing camera specs as well.

Of course, all of this is rumor, but to us, we are hoping it is all very true to make a very hot summer ahead for the Lumia line. Tell us what you think!

Eldar Murtazin