nokia 710

Nokia Lumia 710 gets a significant price drop in India, now available for less than 15,000 Rupees!

Nokia launched Lumia 710 in India for Rs 18,999.  The price wasn’t competitive, in my opinion, since Samsung was selling Omnia W, with front facing camera and better screen than 710, for 17k or even less. Note that Omnia W was initially released at a price of 19,900 so Nokia is following the footsteps of Samsung India. Not only are they following their footstep, in fact they just outpriced (outwitted as well?) Samsung by slashing the price of Nokia Lumia 710 to as low as 14,500. Yes. That is indeed a huge drop. Thanks to the kind twitter folks, here’s  a quick list of major online retailers selling Lumia 710:

From the list above, ngpay deal clearly looks more inticing.

The price drop from Nokia seems a little untimed. Why didn’t they launch with this price initially? Why the sudden price drop?

Yesterday evening I was discussing Omnia W and 710 with a friend of mine and he wasn’t too sure which one to pick. Lumia 710′s price plus lack of front facing camera against Omnia W’s lack of access to nokia exlusive applications was our point of discussion. Well, from 2 v/s 1 in Samsung’s favor it’s down to 1-1 in terms of feature comparison. This will probably confuse him further. But that’s not the point. The point is that now you can buy a Windows Phone for less than 15,000. 15k is an upper limit for mid range phones, in general terms. So even before the supposed Tango release, we are fairly close to price that Microsoft along with OEMs with try to achieve post Tango release i.e. 10,000 rupees.