The Nokia Lumia 900 is real and headed to AT&T

For all of the questions that have circulated around Nokia and a mysterious 4.3 Clear Black Display inch device first leaked by wpcentral is now upon us in all of its unique and colorful splendor. Much like the leaks indicated, the Nokia Lumia 900 differs from the Lumia 800 launched internationally by increasing the screen size and making it an LTE AT&T exclusive. Above those two changes, the Lumia 900 is also sporting a 1830 mAh battery, a rearranged location of the rear facing camera (still Carl Zeiss though), and introducing a front facing camera with a 2.4 aperature lens that takes images comparable to other smart phone rear facing cameras. Bundled with Windows Phone Mango, the rest of the specs appear to be consistent with all other Windows Phones: 1.4 gig second gen snapdragon processor, 512 mb RAM, expected official 16 GB onboard storage (14.90 user accessible), and of course running Windows Phone ver. 8107. Weighing in at 160 grams (5.6 ounces) and measuring at 127.8 x 68.5 x 11.5 mm, the Nokia Lumia 900 is no feather weight, but it isn’t a brick either. No official word has been given to international market release, but we are sure it’s coming eventually. The phone is expected to be available in traditional black and cyan. While officially, no word has been given on availability or price, we expect the device to drop later this spring with hopefully reasonable price point.

And for your viewing pleasure, take a look at the first hands on:

with spec sheet

Nokia Lumia spec sheet



HTC Titan II is official, we knew it as the HTC Bresson once

Last year, a rumor of incredible proportions leaked on the internet: the world’s first 16 MP smartphone running Windows Phone 7. To many (myself included), the rumor seemed false given the limitations of the Snapdragon architecture, the lack of even 12 MP support, and of course the image quality. Seems I am happy to report that I was wrong and the HTC Bresson is a go, but in a different name. Scheduled for later this year, the HTC Bresson will debut on the AT&T LTE line of Windows Phones as a successor to the HTC Titan, the HTC Titan II. In addition to offering a whopping 16 MP camera, the HTC Titan II sports the same second gen Snapdragon processor, the HUGE 4.7 inch screen that some have come to love, and a 1.3 MP front facing camera. In addition to providing a 16 MP camera, the HTC Titan II rear camera lens will also sport a a fast wide-angle lens (f2.6, 28mm), autofocus, and dual LED flash. The camera, sadly, records only in 720P HD. Sufficed to say, we are definitely impressed. Way to step it up HTC!


It appears that we have more information about the Titan I successor. The biggest change is not having a removable battery as well as providing a 1750 mAh battery. Like the usual next gen Windows expect 512 MB RAM and 16 gigs of onboard storage.

via: Windows