Nokia working on NFC, wireless charging for Windows Phone?

While the Windows Phone Operating System is touted to be a contender in the smart phone race, hardware seems to deter many customers who demand the latest and greatest hardware. However, Nokia is hard at work to create a Windows Phone with NFC (Near Field Communications) and wireless charging, according to Marko Ahtisaari, Nokia design chief. Nokia is also working on enhancing the hardware design to match their chassis to the Windows Phone tile color. New changes to the Nokia Lumia flagship design includes the removal of the flip-up plastic tab covering the microusb port and the microsim door. The move makes one wonder if the microsim is departing in favor of a wireless charging station. However, it is also a great thing to see that Nokia is open to making changes to improve the overall Windows Phone experience inside and out. What does everyone else think?

source: guardian uk


Guy proposes his girlfriend by creating a Windows Phone word game, rewarded with flawless victory

You don’t see this every day, do you? A guy proposes his girlfriend using a self made Wordament inspired game which eventually results in an emphatic yes from the girlfriend. Yes that happened. Well played, good sir!

Wordament, for those of you who don’t know Wordament is a real time competitive word game for Windows Phone.

Windows Phone marketplace link

Here’s the mail from the couple sent to Wordament developers (both of them being huge fans of the game):

“Myself and my girlfriend are big fans of Wordament and often play it together. I recently decided that it was time to ask her to marry me and I wanted a fun and original way of doing it. I thought about how cool it would be to have a custom game of Wordament where some of the words were “will”, “you”, “marry” and “me”.

As a WP7 dev I decided to create a private, one-off version of Wordament just for us, for that night.

I just wanted to thank you guys for a great game and being the inspiration for my marriage proposal.”

The guy is a Windows Phone developer and he showed his piece of work in a video embedded below:

Congratulations to the soon-to-be wed couple and massive congratulations to developers at Wordament. From a developer’s perspective, this is one of the best thing that can happen to you.

Source: Wordament blog

nokia 910

Lumia 910 available for pre-order?

While Eldar’s recent tweet of the Nokia Lumia 910 is taken with a heavy grain of salt, it would appear that the tweet gains further credibility., a dutch retailer has outed the Nokia Lumia 910 with a 12 mp camera sensor. In itself the phone looks a whole lot like the Nokia Lumia 900 with a massive 4.3 inch screen with clear black amoled display with front facing camera and 16 gb onboard storage running Windows Phone Mango. Unfortunately, the retailer lacks any information that indicates the date of availability. Still, we like this rumor gaining lots of traction with a hopeful release date looming.

Here is the complete spec. sheet translated in English:


Lumia 910 specs

Lumia 910 specs

(click the image for better view)

WP7, especially Nokia’s firstborns, might come to China really soon

A member of Chinese WP7 forums WPXAP  has found a very interesting block of new product promotion on Beijing local evening paper. The advert comes from one of China’s largest electronics retail chain. By the name of Suning, the retail giant has been exposed earlier to be key partners to Nokia and Microsoft in terms of WP7 ice-breaking in the Central Kingdom. We know there are a lot of stuff to be done, like trimming off core OS components that are blocked by China (Facebook and Twitter, to name a few), and barter with government officials about the business license of the Marketplace, as well as lobbying the three carriers of China.

So far, everyone’s been talking about “H1 2012″ for the Chinese launching window of WP7. But this very advert from Suning means it might be much faster than we all thought. A snapshot of the paper is here:

Suning advert showing WP7 phones pre-order

In case it’s not clear enough, here’s a bigger snapshot:

Now you should see what's there more clearly

The section says “6 most anticipated products in the year of the dragon (reads 2012), all open to pre-order from Suning”. And except for the usual Android gang (Moto Droid 4, China’s homebrew Xiaomi, Sony Ericsson LT 26i) are THREE WP7 superstarts, they are:

Nokia Lumia 800 (“Windows Phone, uni-body design, 3.7″ AMOLED screen.”)

Nokia Lumia 900 (“Windows Phone, 4.7″ AMOLED large screen, direct-sunlight-proofing readability”)

HTC Titan (“Windows Phone 7,5, 4.7″ super size screen, 1600mAh generous battery capacity)

If true, now Chinese (or at least us Beijingers) could pay a petty ¥100 (about 16 US$) to get our WP7 gadgets secured. And when those babies actually do ship, our ¥100 will be converted into a ¥300 reduction. Although the final price is still unclear, having ¥200 discount is pretty good anyway.

Normally no vendor would start pre-order like 6 months in advance. So we assume WP7′s formal Chinese launch will be rather soon, and chances are Lumia 800 and 900 will hit China in a nice one-two punch. So far a great number of WP7 phones have been smuggled into China and sold in black markets, and China’s superstar team of internet giants have shown very generous support to the Marketplace (a legion of popular Chinese services were already there even before the OS had any Chinese input method). We’ll see what’s to happen when the invasion begins.

Shame to admit, but despite living 5 years in Beijing, I seldom check local newspaper. So this Suning thing is a total surprise to me. I’m gonna drop by a few Suning outlets nearby and see if it’s possible to squeeze some extra juice out of their sales people. Will keep you guys updated.


Microsoft Ad SDK now available for developers in India and six more countries!

Microsoft SDK allows developers to add advertisiment banners in their application and earn revenue in return. We have seen developers use this quite often instead of going the paid route (Elbert Perez is one of the succesfull experimenters). Initially available only in USA, Microsoft expanded the availibility to 13 countries (Australia, Belgium, Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, and United Kingdom) in September and after a long wait, it’s available in 6 more countries leaving some developers happy and others looking for alternatives.

6 new countries in the list are:

Denmark, Hong Kong, Japan, India, Mexico, Sweden, and Switzerland

I am definitely thinking of adding using this SDK instead of going the paid path for my next application. Anyways, fantastic news for developers in above mentioned countries. There are still a lot of countries left – check out this post if you are one of the unfortunate ones.

Source: Microsoft advertizing via @nirmitk26   


The Nokia Numbers are in: only more than a million devices so far

Numbers, numbers, numbers, it is something that we have all demanded from Windows Phone OEMs since last year. We have estimates and figures, but it’s nice to know concretely how Windows Phone is doing in comparison to the competition. The bearer of at least some numbers comes from the desk of Nokia in their quarterly call. According to the report, Nokia has sold well over 1 million Lumia Windows Phones devices to date. To add a bit of perspective here to that number, let’s add a few things. The well over one million devices includes the time of release (November 16) to January 26. Exclusively, the number has very little to do with the full Q4 because a full month and a half was curiously removed due to the device not being ready. Further, the smartphone sales have dropped significantly from 31% from last year with only a 1% drop in feature phone sales. In that vein, feature phones look pretty compared to the smartphone area, which makes a lot of sense considering there has been one meego device and two Windows Phones released in a segmented manner. Estimated figures from intomobile estimate that the total number of devices sold for Q4 is somewhere in the 600,000s. Should we call this a freshman slump or all apart of the restructuring plan?

via: Nokia, intomobile


Rumor: Lumia 910 with 12 MP camera?

Oh Eldar, we have to admit something. Right or wrong, we love your tweets really we do. Because when it comes to Windows, you have such a unique track record. In a sense of outdoing himself from the round of rumors, Eldar confirms that a new Lumia device is looming. When it comes to the camera, however, there are a few questions. 8 mp or higher? We know that the North American version definitely has a 8 mp camera, but the Eldar may have a word to give about the camera specs. We know that Nokia is giving preference to specific carriers to make changes to the hardware (much like the GSII), but Eldar Murtazin certainly thinks that the European market will get a 12 mp rear camera in a completely new model number called the Lumia 910. Admittedly, the rumor is slowly starting to gain traction as markets here in the United States have been rumored to have competing camera specs as well.

Of course, all of this is rumor, but to us, we are hoping it is all very true to make a very hot summer ahead for the Lumia line. Tell us what you think!

Eldar Murtazin


Rumor: Nokia 900 coming to England, Portugal and Russia

When the Nokia Lumia 900 was announed at CES, adorned with its sexy 4.3 inch [CBD] non-pentile matrix, the looks on the faces of current 800 owners could be a bit ghastly because an improved product was announced a mere few months after the 800 release. Well for those in the test markets for the Lumia 800, there may be some good news – the Lumia 900 could be coming to you too!

Carphone Warehouse, a distributor of the original Nokia Lumia 800, has all but tipped most of the UK for a potential release of the Lumia 900 for June 2012 by releasing a pre-register page for the device. However, Carphone warehouse wasn’t the only entity that announced the device coming. Nokia Russia has officially announced that the Lumia 900 is also coming to their market. Finally, Portugal seems to also toss their hat in the arena for offering customers the Lumia 900. For those in the three regions, this is excellent news for all! As we are reminded, the Lumia 900 offers a 4.3 inch Clear Black Amoled Display with a next gen single core qualcomm snapdragon.

source:, wmpoweruser

Homebrew: Accelerometer Disabler by windowsphonehacker released

Admittedly, one of the more popular features for Windows Phone is the speed of the accelerometer in a variety of tasks. But, often the end user loses some control of enabling or disabling accelerometer that has been seen on a plethora of Android devices and on Windows Mobile. To be frank, there are times where you don’t really want to use the accelerometer isn’t it? Well, windowsphonehacker may have the xap just for you.

Accelerometer disabler does just what the name implies. It disables the accelerometer until the phone is rebooted. The tool is supported for Sammy’s 1st generation Windows Phones and LG’s Windows Phone that have interop unlock. Now, the freedom to disable accelerometer is not supported by HTC, Nokia, or Dell devices, but it is a good step in the right direction so users can have fundamental control over their phone.

So, hit up the source link and let us know exactly what you think!

source: windowsphonehacker


Bloomberg: 1.3 million estimated Nokia Lumias shipped in 2011

Windows Phone always has some issues when it comes to numbers; often with Microsoft deferring the numbers questions to the OEMs who also seem mum about total Windows Phone handsets sold. So it comes as very little shock that analysts have to assume any Windows Phone numbers, much to our joy and chagrin.

After polling 22 analysts, Bloomberg has concluded that the the amount of estimated Windows Phones shipped to retailers and carriers ranged between 800,000 to 2 million devices; with an average of 1.3 million devices estimated to be shipped. The big question to be is asked is do we believe the estimated sales or do we wait for the official sales figures Nokia releases quarterly during their investor’s meeting? We think you should wait for the official news. But what do you think: 800,00 – 2 million devices shipped is an accurate number?


via: BusinessWeek