New Windows Phones outed for 2012, 3 are LTE

The uproar for a Windows Phone that offers LTE has been loud from both users and carriers in America alike. The previous engagement for a Windows Phone LTE device was not apart of the initial Mango lineup, as Andy Lees indicated the battery drain would be too immense. However, the power issues may be solved, because new Windows Phones are coming to America, and some will be LTE!

Paul Thurrott of Windows Supersite officially outed the devices that will be available and running on AT&T’s LTE frequency. The first is the HTC Radiant, the second being the Samsung Mendel, and the last is the Nokia ACE. What’s interesting is that the Nokia ACE has been leaked on various sites (including our own). While the specs are still questionable for each device, it is rumored that the Nokia ACE is due on AT&T with a rumored release date of March 18 2012.

That’s not all. VZW users will get some love with a new Windows Phone as well, in the form of the Nokia Lumia 710 with a rumored April 2012 release. While the Lumia 710 is not the LTE device that Verizon Wireless wanted from Windows Phone, it seems to be the only CDMA update that any carrier in America is getting so far.

While the news is very interesting, let’s be mindful that the news should still be filed for the rumor bin. For the moment, however, we are hopeful that the rumors are true. So what does everyone else think?

via: winsupersite

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