Nokia to sell off Vertu, no diamond or gold Windows Phones

zdnetasia reports that according to a source at Financial Times, that not only is Nokia trying to sell Vertu, but Goldman Sachs is in charge of the selling process. Vertu, a subsidiary of Nokia, was created in 1998 with the sole purpose of creating mobile devices for the rich and luxurious. Many of the phones under the Vertu line were fetched for $314,000 with the strongest interest for such devices in Russia, Asia, and the Middle East. While the brand is reported to be performing well to its market, it may not be broad enough to last in the changes brought by Nokia embracing Windows Phone for their top tiered smart phones.

So ladies and gents, no more Vertu. Were you aching to get a luxurious version of the Lumia 800? Let us know!

source: zdnetasia
via: wmpoweruser

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