Live moves to xmpp, now any app can have live messenger

In a unique 180 of their past stance on developers creating/integrating Windows Live Messenger (and other live services) in their apps, Microsoft has finally loosened its grip on the live api and switched to XMPP’s open standards. Lead Program Manager, Dare Obasanjo, gave the news directly on windows steam blog, giving developers the ability on any platform to make a compatible Windows Live Messenger app.

However, the news comes with its pitfalls. withinwindow’s Rafael Rivera indicated that the basics of a messenger app are missing, such as adding/removing friends on the application’s contact list. But we are hopeful that a future update gives developers that ability. Personally its a bit interesting to see this move happening on the heels of Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 official announcements next year.

But I prattle. Tell us what you think.

via: withinwindows, twitter

source: Windows Steam Blog

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