RIP Metrotube

PSA: Last day to download MetroTube on Windows Phone, do it before it disappears in 2012!

Lazyworm Apps, developers of popular Windows phone application MetroTube got a notice from Google which compelled them to pull the plug on MetroTube development and as you are aware – the application will be gone from the marketplace on January 1st, 2012. So if you purchase the application right now or if you have previously purchased the app, it will remain functional until Google tweaks some APIs and renders it useless (which it might in the future, implying “Google is evil”) since developers would not be able to fix it.

I have been following Metrotube development since early days, back when it was called LazyTube, and I was the first to see the design of their next iteration of LazyTube, which you now know as MetroTube. Atta and his team has done an incredible job with this application and in my opinion, no application can beat it’s sense of design at this moment. So it’s hard for me, personally, to see this application disappear from the marketplace.

From the entire team of WPSauce, we request you to support the Lazyworm Apps team and buy the application if you haven’t already and if you have – keep following the developers at and stay tuned for future applications from them. Hit the marketplace link below to purchase the application:

MetroTube for Windows Phone

Looking forward to some exciting new apps from team at  Lazyworm applications in 2012.







Holiday gift card with the Nokia Ace on it?

The rumor folder has been awful big lately thanks to the rumorednew LTE Windows Phones to premiere at CES 2012. Sadly, the rumor folder isn’t going to get any smaller with the newest rumor. The Nokia Ace that we suspected to become less and less likely is now gaining more traction, thanks to a few renders leaked on a Christmas greeting card. Taking a look at some of the images, sitting above the Nokia logo to the upper right is a front facing camera with the AT&T logo on the upper right hand side of the screen. Consistent with yesterday’s rumors of the Ace being an LTE device, the Ace is sporting 4g. Of course, we don’t know if it is LTE, or whether if it is fauxg that the current high end Windows Phones have that have debuted in America. Interestingly, the device does look a lot like the N800 in terms of right side button arrangement, leading us to believe it could be nothing but a plucky render by the folks at Nokia. On the other hand, it could actually be the Nokia Ace, or the Lumia 900, that is rumored to arrive state side in March 2012 with Tango in tow. Take a look at the shots and judge for yourself: render or legit?

Source: Pocketnow