WP7 Game Review: Rummycomb


Leda Entertainment has a holiday-themed update for their game Rummycomb. So how is it? Read on to find out.

Rummycomb is a hexagonal grid of icons, and you have to drag your finger over icons of the same color to make them vanish. It is one of those matching-board games that make me really wonder what color-blind people think when they browse the marketplace.

Right off the bat, I was super confused what to do, because the game came with no instructions. It took me a while to understand that you are supposed to drag your finger over neighboring icons of the same color. A few instructions would have been nice. After you figure out what to do, the gameplay is fairly simple. You remove icons in a frantic race against the clock. You can rack up bonus points by doing some special tricks, like removing a set of icons of the same shape and  color. However, the gameplay is not too engaging.

The visuals are nice and shiny, and the Christmas-themed icons are jolly enough. While I understand the motivation behind choosing the font (it matches the hexagonal theme of the overall game), the readability is not very nice. A bigger problem, however, is that the game gives no visual cue that the icons are dropping in from the top. Selected icons just disappear, and new ones take their place, and you will be none the wiser where they came from.



Rummycomb is free on the marketplace. Overall rating: 2.5 / 5 for a fun free game, that lacks appeal in the visuals and is not very replayable.


Control your devices at home with upcoming Home Control application for Windows Phone (Update: Now Available)

We previously covered a fairly cool homebrew hack that allowed the entire house to be toggled with an application on Windows Phone. The application never reached the marketplace. But fear not, we have been tipped about upcoming application that will eventually be available in the marketplace. Home Control is an unofficial Switch King client for Windows Phone. Switch King has official clients for both Android and iOS. Now to use the Windows Phone application you’d require Switch King Server and Telldus Live service up and running as a pre requisite.

Here’s the official translated version of Home Control:

“Home Control acts as a client, or remote control for your Switch King-installation, whether you have a local installation on your PC / server, or if you use Switch King Live service. Turn on / off electric equipment, fog lights and see upcoming scheduled activities”

The application is under development and will be available “in early 2012″. Home Control will be available in both paid and free version. Free version will limit your “sorcery” to 5 devices only. Hit the source link to read more about the project. But first, here’s the application in action:


Source: Patte.se

Update: The application is now available in the marketplace. As we noted before, trial version of the application gives you access to control 5 devices and to control more than 5 devices, you need to purchase the application. Marketplace description below:

“Manage your Switch King Server from your phone. Turn devices on or off, dim the lights, view upcoming device events and change the scenario for your system.”

Click the link below to download the app.

Home Control for Windows Phone 

Thanks for the tip Jrchi27 !