Nokia developers start receiving Nokia Lumia 800 developer devices

At Nokia World, Nokia promised it’s 25,000 developers registered at Launchpad a Lumia 800 device. Yes, 25,000 Lumia 800 developer devices are being shipped to developers all over the world. Just as promised, Nokia is shipping the devices as we speak and one of the very first few to recieve the device is developer Greg Roberts. Take a look at some unboxing love at the source link below.

Nokia Lumia 800 developer device

Nokia Lumia 800 developer device

This is a brilliant move by Nokia to help Symbian/Meego developers to get hands on quality experience with Metro UI to help and inspire them to create Metro UI applications for Windows Phone platform as well.

Do you think this will work in bringing Symbian only developers to create apps for Windows phone? Let us know your thoughts in comments below.

Source: Greg Robert 



New Nokia models sighted, 900 becoming less likely

Nokia and leaks are starting to become common these days with several leaks coming from different sources prior to a major launch of a Nokia device. The new set of leaks may prove to disappoint some of us waiting for the Nokia Lumia super phone coming to America.

The first set of leaks comes from the Occasional Gamer that lists two new Nokia devices that haven’t been formally announced. The first being the Nokia Champagne, which doesn’t give us any idea of whether the device is high end or low end due to lack of naming convention. The second device that popped up is the Nokia Lumia 800c, which could be a modified version of the Nokia Lumia 800 that has seen a lot of coverage on this site and overseas.

We tend to take the Nokia Lumia 800c with some validity because of the recent FCC filing that shows a Nokia Lumia 800 with AT&T US bands. Sadly, it’s not the Lumia 900 that many were expecting to saunter to the FCC, which may give us a little less hope that the dream device is nothing but a dream. But, we can’t really complain, at least there is one Nokia coming to America. Let’s hope more are coming.

via: Occasional Gamer, wmpoweruser