Microsoft outs faceswap app for Windows Phone 7

Today, Microsoft has released a rather interesting app into the marketplace called face swap Microsoft details the application as a quick and easy way to swap people’s faces in photos. Check out the app details below:

Have you ever think of swapping your face with other people? What will your face on your friend’s body look like? Want to make fun of your friends?
Face Swap provides a simple, quick and fun way to swap people’s face using a photo taken with others. All you need to do is take a photo/select the one you want, and then shake your device once. Let Face Swap show you the magic!

Shake to create and unbelievable, people’s face swapped on the photo! Use Face Swap and you will find out how cool it is! Photos can then be saved to your photo library or shared directly on Facebook, Twitter or Sina Weibo.
Main Features

  • Multiple face detection enabled
  • Shake to create a new photo with people’s faces swapped
  • Save or share your creation through Facebook, Twitter, or Sina Weibo

It does seem like a niche app, but the sharing capabilities and shake features may make for a very fun app and add to the growing image editing application space.

If you want the app, download it here.

via: mobilitydigest


Samsung Omnia W for preorder in India

The Samsung Omnia W, the smaller brother to the Samsung Focus S, has seen much exposure both in the US and other countries. Curiously absent from the wide exposure has been India. For all intents and purposes, the response to availability has been it’s coming. For those that have held out for the Samsung Omnia W in India, the waiting is just a little bit longer. Samsung is taking preorders for the Omnia W for India as well as promotion of the Samsung Omnia W on many Indian websites. The Samsung Omnia W (or the Focus Flash) is packing a 1.4GHz S2 processor, 5 mp camera and VGA front facing camera. Bundled with the Omnia W is a Samsung Bluetooth headset and car adapter for free. The price of the Omnia W is 19,000 Rs, which isn’t such a bad deal. Take a look at our review of the Samsung Omnia W and let us know whether you will purchase the device. To us, it’s actually a good buy.

via: Samsung