It’s official, Lumia 710 is bound for T-Mobile US, January 11th release and $49

With a rather surprising announcement from Nokia hours before their press release in New York this afternoon, the Nokia Lumia 710 was uncovered and is officially the first Lumia device that will reach the United States shores. Of course, as indicated from the picture, there are some changes to the design of the device in comparison to its unlocked brethren. The T-Mobile logo, nicely adorned below the start screen, and what appears to be a soft black backing in comparison to the blue backing that is seen on the unlocked Nokia Lumia 710. Much of the device is the same: 1.4 GHz Snapdragon CPU, 512 MB RAM, and 8 GB of internal storage with a 3.7 inch WVGA AMOLED display with ClearBlack technology. The amazing aspect about the device is the price – $49.99 on a new 2 year contract out of the gate. The release date for the device is January 11, 2012 for any users in America waiting to make the switch to the Nokia Lumia lines in America. So whose ready to grab one? Let us know
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Nokia 900 to Swisscom in February? Not exactly…

In the ever long quest for Windows Phone users to gain some information about the mythical Nokia 900, Swisscom, the largest mobile carrier in Switzerland, spilled some interesting beans via the way of Twitter. Swisscom suggested that the Lumia 900 would be released in February 2012, ending quite a bit of speculation that users had regarding the existence of the device. But not long after the tweet was made, Swisscom reiterated to indicate that the device that would be available is the Nokia Lumia 710 and not the Nokia Lumia 900. Honest mistake on the part of Swisscom or is the device really coming in February? Tell us what you think

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Paper Snow for Windows Phone lets you create and share virtual snow flakes

Winter is coming. It’s that time of the year when the whole world is in holiday spirit. This holiday season, developer Nirmit Kavaiyya developed a unique application that lets you create paper snowflakes. Wear your creative hats, fold those papers and share your creation with your friends and family on Twitter and Facebook.


Paper Snow

Paper Snow


Application description:

Create Paper Snow on your phone!

Making Paper SnowFlakes are now easy. Select a fold type from four types available, each fold type resulting into a differently shaped SnowFlake. You can even change the color of Paper you are cutting.

Use a marker to point vertices of polygons on the Paper and Cut them. You can undo actions if you weren’t able align the cuts! Open the folds to see the complete SnowFlake. Go back in cutting/editing mode if you want to make more cuts or changes|

Instead of the default wood background, Change it with one of the 15 App preset Christmas & New Year Backgrounds, choose a Photo from your Pictures Hub, or even use the camera to take a quick shot. Move, Resize the SnowFlake to align with the background image.

Share the SnowFlake on Twitter and Facebook! And then save it to your Pictures Hub and keep your collection.

Paper Snow flake

Paper Snow flake


I have been testing the app for a while. Nirmit has done a great job with the application. I think it’s a great application for 0.99$. Hit the download link below to grab the application:

Windows Phone marketplace link


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Nokia organises flash mob in four Indian cities to promote Lumia devices (Video)

Apparently, flash mobs are a cool way to market your product these days. Ironically, flash mobs are so common now – the whole concept, essentially the surprise element, seems to be losing it’s charm now. The thing about successfull marketing execution is that it should compel the consumers to start talking about the product. That’s what we are doing right now, so job well done Nokia.

Nokia India organized flash mob in 4 Indian cities –  Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru and Hyderabad on December 10 at sharp 6 PM which means 4 flash mob in 4 different cities at same time – pretty cool, I must admit. Watch the video below and ignore the awkward moment where the audience has absolutely no idea what’s going on. Looks pretty fun though!


Related note, Lumia 800 and 710 is expected very soon in stores. Stay tuned for more updates.