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Unofficial Opera Mini port for Windows Phone 7 released

Anyone remember Opera Mini? Opera Mini was a necessity for Windows Mobile at the time and offered users a fast browsing experience that internet explorer couldn’t match at the time. Since the rebranding of Windows Phone, internet explorer had a change of tune and has turned out to be a very capable browser. Still, it’s always nice to give choices not based on the internet explorer 9 engine. Luckily, for those that own an HTC device that arre using HSPL and custom roms, Opera Mini has been ported.

The port was carried out by ultrashot of xda-developers. He warns that he is not affiliated with development of Opera Mini, and he only ported Opera to Windows Phone. The only drawbacks to Opera Mini currently? A custom rom is one and the other is lack of rotation support within the browser (something that won’t be an issue according to ultrashot). If you want to take the jump, hit the source link below and let us know how it performs. Remember, HTC devices with custom roms only.

source: xda-developers