XDA introduces Job board, Skype requires Software engineer for Windows Phone application

XDA community is full of hackers and tinkerers – whether it’s code or electronics, they love playing around with stuff. XDA is a widely read forum and naturally they have lot of companies coming in to grab some “anonymous” yet brilliant talent. Hence, XDA has started a sub forum called Job board. Guess who’s the first company to join aboard? Skype. Not only that, but they also require a software engineer to build a Windows Phone application for them. Couple of questions come to my mind: Have they even started the development yet? What’s taking them so long? Well, these questions will be rendered useless if they have an application already in beta phase and they require some software engineer to improve upon that. Obviously, I can’t do much except speculations so I’ll leave the job posting right here. Hit Source link for more info.

Source: XDA

With Tango launch coming nearer and nearer – what would you prefer? Native application or native integration. Let us know in the comments.