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“Fake Steve Jobs” prefers Lumia 800 to iPhone 4S and Galaxy Nexus

Dan Lyons, popularly known as Fake Steve Jobs in the blogosphere recently got a chance to play with three top tier devices running on three of the best Operating Systems. Dan, in his latest blog post (misleadingly titled: Two of the best phones?) spent some time expressing his thoughts on Galaxy Nexus v/s iPhone 4S. He quite enjoyed both the devices – especially the camera on 4S while he liked the size and form factor of Nexus over iPhone. Surprisingly, he added a paragraph at the end of the post where he made it clear that it wasn’t just the ‘two best phones’ in his possession. From the blog post,

“Recently I had a Nokia Lumia 800 running Windows Phone in the mix — and every time the phones rang, the Nokia was the one I picked up. The design is just really nice, and it feels great in your hand. I’m doing an interview with the head of design at Nokia next week, and I’m anxious to talk to him about the Lumia 800. It really is a gorgeous device, and the Windows interface is really fresh and different.”


Head over to his blog and let em know how much you love the platform. Share your OS transition stories in the comments below.

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Nokia Lumia devices coming to India in 2nd week of December, Lumia 800 comes with a hefty price tag

It’s the month of December. Yes, it’s that time of the year when college students are studying for exams while school goers are enjoying their winter vacations. In mobile tech world, we have something new to talk about everyday. December is going to be an eventful month for Windows Phone lovers in India. First up – Lumia launch in India. As we previously reported, Nokia is going to launch Lumia 710 and Lumia 800 in India this month. WPSauce has been informed that Lumia devices will be available for purchase in stores in second week of December. Also, we have been tipped about the price of lumia 800. As expected it’s ~29,000 Rupees. This is not the official price, well – not yet. We have also been told that Lumia devices will be up for pre order soon on Nokia India website and Nokia priority stores so sprint to your nearest store to get more details. When you are done, come back here and let us know about your findings. Fair deal?

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