RIP Metrotube

PSA: Last day to download MetroTube on Windows Phone, do it before it disappears in 2012!

Lazyworm Apps, developers of popular Windows phone application MetroTube got a notice from Google which compelled them to pull the plug on MetroTube development and as you are aware – the application will be gone from the marketplace on January 1st, 2012. So if you purchase the application right now or if you have previously purchased the app, it will remain functional until Google tweaks some APIs and renders it useless (which it might in the future, implying “Google is evil”) since developers would not be able to fix it.

I have been following Metrotube development since early days, back when it was called LazyTube, and I was the first to see the design of their next iteration of LazyTube, which you now know as MetroTube. Atta and his team has done an incredible job with this application and in my opinion, no application can beat it’s sense of design at this moment. So it’s hard for me, personally, to see this application disappear from the marketplace.

From the entire team of WPSauce, we request you to support the Lazyworm Apps team and buy the application if you haven’t already and if you have – keep following the developers at and stay tuned for future applications from them. Hit the marketplace link below to purchase the application:

MetroTube for Windows Phone

Looking forward to some exciting new apps from team at  Lazyworm applications in 2012.







Holiday gift card with the Nokia Ace on it?

The rumor folder has been awful big lately thanks to the rumorednew LTE Windows Phones to premiere at CES 2012. Sadly, the rumor folder isn’t going to get any smaller with the newest rumor. The Nokia Ace that we suspected to become less and less likely is now gaining more traction, thanks to a few renders leaked on a Christmas greeting card. Taking a look at some of the images, sitting above the Nokia logo to the upper right is a front facing camera with the AT&T logo on the upper right hand side of the screen. Consistent with yesterday’s rumors of the Ace being an LTE device, the Ace is sporting 4g. Of course, we don’t know if it is LTE, or whether if it is fauxg that the current high end Windows Phones have that have debuted in America. Interestingly, the device does look a lot like the N800 in terms of right side button arrangement, leading us to believe it could be nothing but a plucky render by the folks at Nokia. On the other hand, it could actually be the Nokia Ace, or the Lumia 900, that is rumored to arrive state side in March 2012 with Tango in tow. Take a look at the shots and judge for yourself: render or legit?

Source: Pocketnow


Official apps for India Today and Business Today now available

The popular news magazine in India, India Today and the business counterpart of the magazine, Business Today now have official windows phone apps available to download. This complements the recent flurry of apps from Indian media and news outlets, and makes the platform much more attractive in India. Both these apps have the top news, images, videos and also let you drill down into categories of news.




Get the India Today app from Zune Marketplace here, and the Business Today app from Zune marketplace here, or scan these QR codes with Bing vision.



Official Economic Times Windows Phone app released in the marketplace

After releasing the Times of India app, The Times group has released the official Economic Times app as in the marketplace. Counting the IBN and NDTV apps, this week has marked some major app releases for the Indian Windows Phone users. With ever increasing momentum, our desi devs are turning their focus on Redmond’s OS. Here are the features of the Economic Times app :

The Economic Times App lets you:
- Get the latest and popular business news.
- Share news articles with friends, colleagues, partners via email, Facebook or Twitter
- Profit from Stock Market views and recommendations from Experts
- Latest updates from the Stock Market
- Track Stocks in the Market with the latest Gainers, Losers, Movers, etc.


Get it here.


NDTV News and NDTV Good Times apps released in the Windows Phone Marketplace

And the downpour of Indian media apps continues in Microsoft’s marketplace. After the Times Of India and BookMyShow apps, NDTV Convergence Ltd. has released two apps of its own apps – NDTV and NDTV Good Times in the Indian Marketplace. Its great to see this kind of drive from Indian content providers in adopting the Windows Phone platform, which is pushing over 50,000 at the Marketplace now.

The features of the NDTV app :
• Breaking news, top stories, India, world, business, cricket, entertainment news and more
• Full coverage of news events
• City news, weather and popular stories
• Sharing via SMS, e-mail, Twitter and Facebook

Watch & View
• Daily video updates from the world of news, entertainment, sports, lifestyle, business, gadgets and news
• Photo galleries and slideshows

Live Video & Audio
• NDTV 24×7
• NDTV India
• NDTV Profit
• NDTV Good Times

• Get Cricket scores as full scorecard
• Follow every ball bowled in international ODIs, Tests and T20 matches

• Live Market updates with gainers and losers

And the features of the NDTV Good Times app from the app page :
Watch latest featured videos on varied topics like food, cuisine, travel, fashion.
The app also allows you catch up on previous episodes of your favorite shows like Highway on My Plate, Yogasutra, Bollywood Confidential, Chakhle India, Band Baja Barat and many more. You can also check out sections on travel, luxury, gadgets, fashion and wellness. This app is your everyday Indian lifestyle expert.

Get the apps here.


New Windows Phones outed for 2012, 3 are LTE

The uproar for a Windows Phone that offers LTE has been loud from both users and carriers in America alike. The previous engagement for a Windows Phone LTE device was not apart of the initial Mango lineup, as Andy Lees indicated the battery drain would be too immense. However, the power issues may be solved, because new Windows Phones are coming to America, and some will be LTE!

Paul Thurrott of Windows Supersite officially outed the devices that will be available and running on AT&T’s LTE frequency. The first is the HTC Radiant, the second being the Samsung Mendel, and the last is the Nokia ACE. What’s interesting is that the Nokia ACE has been leaked on various sites (including our own). While the specs are still questionable for each device, it is rumored that the Nokia ACE is due on AT&T with a rumored release date of March 18 2012.

That’s not all. VZW users will get some love with a new Windows Phone as well, in the form of the Nokia Lumia 710 with a rumored April 2012 release. While the Lumia 710 is not the LTE device that Verizon Wireless wanted from Windows Phone, it seems to be the only CDMA update that any carrier in America is getting so far.

While the news is very interesting, let’s be mindful that the news should still be filed for the rumor bin. For the moment, however, we are hopeful that the rumors are true. So what does everyone else think?

via: winsupersite


Much awaited official Times of India application now available for Windows Phone

Wow. Just wow. First official IBNLive application, followed by official BookMyShow app and now the much awaited official Times of India app is available for Windows Phone. The panorama application is well designed and works without any lag whatsoever. The best part? Settings option that let’s you set font size for text. I think this should be a standard feature for every news application. If you have been following marketplace closely, you’d see an array of unofficial TOI apps offering similar reading experience. The significant difference is the ability to read and write comments. TOI has a flourishing community and to be part of the community via a mobile device is a step in the right direction. Again, you won’t see a lot of news applications doing that. Kudos.

Times of India windows phone

Times of India windows phone


Official application description below followed by download link.


Get The Times of India’s complete and up-to-date coverage of everything that is relevant and interesting — anytime, anywhere. This app, designed and developed for Windows Phone devices, brings you breaking news and unrivalled coverage of national, international, city, sports, entertainment, lifestyle, business, health, science and technology topics from India’s most-read and most-trusted newspaper. It comes with live cricket scores and a complete scorecard; local news from more than 30 cities; latest movie reviews by critics as well as readers; superb photo galleries; and top videos from news, business, sports, entertainment and lifestyle categories.


Hit the download link below to grab the Times of India for Windows Phone app for free:

Times of India for Windows Phone

What an eventful day for Windows Phone users in India. Stay tuned for more application updates.


Official BookMyShow app now available for Windows Phone

After the official release of IBNLive (no live tv, sigh) application for Windows Phone, we have another big release this week. Popular website, a website that allows you to book tickets for movies and wide variety of events, now has a Windows phone application. The application is extremely well designed from little time I have spent with it. Booking process is similar to the familiar web experience which is an added bonus.

BookMyShow for Windows Phone

BookMyShow for Windows Phone

Official application description below:

"Get hooked to booking with us on your Windows Phone. 
Get up close with entertainment with our FREE and totally worthwhile new app.  
Time crunches will now be passe. Book the movie your craving to watch at one of our choicest cinema halls with just a finger tap. Movie & Cinema Listings, Synopsis, Reviews & Bookings. It's all in here. Our application supports multiple secure payment options. So transact precisely the way you want to. The first version of our application offers movie ticketing and will be upgraded soon to give you access to plays, concerts and sports tickets soon. Your movie mania will touch the skies soon with the crazy variety of films and theaters across India to choose from.  Windows users get ready for touch screen ticketing."

BookMyShow application is available for free. Hit the link below to download the application:

BookMyShow for Windows Phone

This is the second release of a major application this week catered specifically to the Indian audience. More desi applications which were on display at Windows Phone launch event will be coming in 2012.

Thanks for the heads up @Shantesh !



Unbricking the DVP is easy as 1,2,3!

The Dell Venue Pro [DVP], one of Windows Phone initial launching devices, has received its share of issues often with many users bricking their device either through a firmware update or other means. If a user made any mistakes with their DVP, they would be looking at a nice paper weight that would never turn on. If you are one of those users that still uses the DVP, then you may be in luck and your device can be unbricked. MJCS of xda-developers posted an excellent guide to unbricking the DVP and providing the only firmware available for the device. Granted, this launches the device back into pre nodo, but that’s nothing a nice Zune sync cannot fix right? Head over to the source link to find out how to unbrick the DVP.

source: xda-developers


A milestone approaching, 50,000 apps in the marketplace

When Microsoft rebranded their mobile division to Windows Phone in Spring 2010, Microsoft called out to developers to populate apps for their new marketplace. At the same time, Microsoft offered incentives to current developers to make more apps for Windows Phone in terms of better pay scales, offering new phones to developers, and opening the platform to student developers in several countries (such as India). One year later, the Windows Phone marketplace has grown to levels only comparable to the Apple iPhone platform in terms of developer support and app creation. Microsoft is slowly reaching 50,000 apps, according both to Appflow and Windows Phone app list. While there are a lot of similar apps in the marketplace and some spam apps (what app store doesn’t have this), its only been since July that the Microsoft app store reached a key 25,000 app milestone in the marketplace. Not only does 50,000 apps give users more flexibility in terms of comparable apps (or ported apps) on different platforms, but it also means that the initial developer push was not in vein at all. Kudos Microsoft, this is a great accomplishment for any platform!

Out of curiosity, what are your favorite apps? Let us know in the comments!