Wp7 Game Review: Wheel of Wealth

wheelToday’s game is Wheel of Wealth by Shantek Online Solutions.

Wheel of wealth is a turn-based multiplayer game based on the wheel of fortune TV show.

I am a big fan of TV game shows, so when I noticed that a wheel of fortune like game was available on the marketplace, I immediately decided to give it a try.

The gameplay in Wheel of wealth is simple and familiar. You and two other players are trying to guess a phrase, which could be an occupation, a common phrase, a TV show’s name, a singer, etc. You first spin a wheel and get a dollar value (or you bankrupt or lose your turn.) Then you get to pick a consonant that you think will be in the phrase. Guess correctly, and you are in, guess wrong and you pass the turn to the next player. You can choose to spend some money on buying vowels. There are three rounds, and at the end the person with the most money wins. This is usually the person who has guessed the phrase, because guessing correctly gives you a big reward.

The game has nice visual design. The controls are okay, although I really wish the developers had provided some visual feedback with the buttons everywhere in the game (currently there is no way to tell if you successfully pressed the button or not.) When choosing letters, for example, it would be better if there was a more visible feedback, especially during the time the finger is still on the screen. Setup is straightforward, you just choose a name and you’re in. In the gameplay screen, it is easy to check what happened over time by tapping on the log button.

Screenshots of wheel of wealth gameplay screens.

There are push notifications, which do a great job of notifying you about any moves made in your current game. Unfortunately, currently the game will notify you every time someone finishes their turn, so you are notified even if it is not your turn to play. On the plus side, responding to my query, Kris from Shantek Online Solutions told me that there are about 3000 gamers playing this game, with over 200,000 moves played so far. There are, therefore, plenty of people to play with, and the random match functionality built into the game does a good job of matching you with other gamers.

There are a small number of bugs in the game: for example, it is possible to click the continue button while the wheel is still spinning. Sometimes, when you successfully guess the word, the system just plops back to the previous state and makes you guess again. Despite that, it is heartening to see turn by turn gameplay pick up speed on windows phone, thanks to well designed games like these.

Shantek are planning a few updates, one that was just released includes creating a rematch with the people you just played with; and inviting people who don’t yet have the game installed. They are also planning AI opponents and pass and play.

Overall, I had a lot of fun playing wheel of wealth. I hope the developers fix the few bugs to make the game even more polish. I give it 4.5 stars of 5.

You can download Wheel of wealth for free from Zune Marketplace or the official website.

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