New Windows Phone Tango build found in the wild ? (Update: latest build 7.10.8713)

Well, color us surprised if the image is true. As we all know, there are two OSes in the Windows Phone camp that are circulating around devices. The 7720 Mango update and the 7740 update. The 7740 update is expected to fix an email issue related to Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 and fixing a voice mail notification issue. We know very little as of now about Tango (universal search) and some blind guesses for Apollo. Considering that the device running the update is the HTC Mazaa, we can’t help but speculate the update may be in Tango territory. What do you think though? Let us know!

Take a look at the build leak yourself at LynxInteractive

(Click on the image for better view)

Update – Seems lik Lynxinteractive.com is down at this moment. Interesting..

Source: XDA

Update: quick heads up – Russ Clark on twitter gave us even better news. He digged the latest build from WPBench device stats which is 7.10.8713 . Take a look at the build here


2 thoughts on “New Windows Phone Tango build found in the wild ? (Update: latest build 7.10.8713)”

  1. The latest Tango build in “…i am WP7″ app is 7.10.8722
    The key factor here is the first digit, 7, which means that these are Tango builds and not Apollo. “….i am WP7″ app is reporting 8058, 8060, 8063,, 8065, 8067, 8070, 8072, 8074, 8077, 8078, 8099, 8301, 8329, 8335, 8702, 8710, 8713 and 8722 builds. The incremental builds suggest constant updation and testing. The 80 series has been under testing for long but the 83 and 87 series have appeared relatively recently suggesting that they are Tango I and Tango II. 

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