Nokia Drive for Windows Phone XAP available for download on all devices

Let’s look back at the Nokia – Microsoft partnership news again. Nokia, like other OEMs, get to have some exlusive apps for their windows phone devices. Major selling point, as being advertized by Nokia, has been their “exclusive applications” built in Nokia Lumia devices. XDA has managed to leak all three of their exclusive applications – starting with Nokia Maps, followed by Nokia Music and now the elusive Nokia Drive (which is (was?) supposed to be a major selling point). Nokia Drive XAP has been noted as warez but it’s still existent on XDA, so we thought we’d give you a heads up on this. Before you download the xap, please read the Note at the end of the post.

Now what does this mean? It’s easy as 1-2-3 for XDA folks to port apps from one OEM to other. Where’s the exclusivity then? What’s the differentiating factor for OEMs? Yes, only a few go ahead and unlock their devices to deploy xaps on their phones but now that unlocking is as cheap as $9 and you get exposed to some amazing homebrew stuff, I think a large chunk of folks would be interested in getting available XAPs, no matter legal or illegal.

p.s – Nokia Drive is alive and kicking in India. It also gives you direction in Hindi, how cool is that ? Video demo coming very soon.

Note – We do not encourage piracy or enjoy promoting warez content. We ocassionaly post XAPs and ping several Microsoft employees regarding the state of affairs wherever concerned. We are hoping for a new encryption system that prevents this, because Internet is a massive place - a simple Google search will give thousands of download link – use if you don’t feel right about it. We don’t charge for sane arguments. So download at your risk.

Source: XDA

22 thoughts on “Nokia Drive for Windows Phone XAP available for download on all devices”

  1. Microsoft has known all along of such piracy concerns. It isn’t really rocket science to figure out that app packages could be downloaded from MS servers and then installed on developer unlocked phones without buying them. The same is applicable to ’Chevorised’ devices too. Thats the reason Microsoft has built a server side encryption mechanism in WP 7.5 that will wrap the XAP packages in a layer of protection thereby preventing them from being sideloaded. Presumably, Microsoft is just waiting till sufficient users have switched to MANGO before throwing the encryption switch. This article in Ars Technica ( ) details the encryption procedure and the entire Microsoft philosophy behind allowing unlocking of devices.

    Once the encryption is enabled, all Nokia has to do is to update their ‘exclusive’ apps so that older versions cannot draw data from Nokia servers and hence will not work. Of course, the XDA guys will come up with something new to break this exclusivity. But this cat and mouse game will continue and the ‘few’ people who will be able to enjoy unauthorised access to exclusive or paid apps will not really hurt Nokia or Microsoft. And, by the way, Nokia Maps was always intended to be available for all devices, so its jailbreaking is a non event anyway.

  2. this is nokia maps not nokia drive, there are two apps, one is nokia maps that is the one being ava by XDA and this software is to be ava to all officialy in the marketplace at zero cost word of Nokia! The real nokia drive, it’s exclusive to Nokia devices and there is no xap available therefor!

    1. atm – Nokia maps is exclusive as well – for certain time period – but it’s available for all devices. Some neat patching can make it work on all devices. 

  3. Hello people!

    Can anyone provide instructions on how to actually install (or paste) this app to the device?
    I have an Omnia 7 (unlocked) but have no clue on how to install this very useful app!


    1. Grab the application deployment tool, add the app from your local storage and click on deploy. You need the application deployment tool though. Try Tom XAP deployer if you don’t have a dev unlocked device

          1. Downloading it already! Seems will take a while :)

            Hope it wont be to complicated for me. I really want this app!

            Thanks a lot!

  4. Omg, did you have a look at the source code? I don’t even know how they got this to work with hard coded translated texts and everything in like code behind and no attempts for mvvm and stuff.. Well, I know I shouldn’t complain about code that I should never read =) But if I’d now use this app, it could give me a queasy feeling…

  5. hi! so what you are trying to say is that i can use nokia drive and other nokia functions on my other WP 7.5 handset? so can i use it on my samsung omnia w? do i need to jailbreak it first? If i need to jailbreak it how do i jailbreak a WP 7.5 device?

    1. To use the Nokia exclusive applications you need to “unlock” the device. There’s no jail breaking here. Try finding a custom ROM for Omnia W on XDA or else pay Microsoft $99 to get it unlocked. 

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