Unofficial Pandora app arriving next week on Windows Phone, previewed on 240p (Video)

Pandora has shown absolutely no sign of making it’s way to Windows Phone. Pandora is already facing stiff competion from native Zune streaming service and now Spotify has arrived as well – making life tougher for Pandora. What’s Pandora doing about it then? From my perspective, nothing. But then there are folks who couldn’t take it anymore. Coder extraoridinairre Justin create a Pandora API, titled Metro Pandora and he even created a proof of concept application – which apparently has login issues (see revelant XDA thread here), and taking advantage of this API, developer Janabi Mustafa has created the first third party Pandora application called “Metro Radio” that lets you login, tune in to your favorite stations and of course – Mango only background audio. So it does the job. UI looks fairly basic as of now. The application will be submitted next week according to the developer.

Take a look at the UI demo of the application in “glorious” 240p (sigh)