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Windows Phone meets Bollywood, HTC promotes Radar at ‘Rockstar’ premier

Microsoft officially launched Windows Phone in India last month, eventhough devices have been available in India for nearly an year now, and they are already in top gear to promote Windows Phone in India, which is one of the most important market for Microsoft and OEMs. HTC India and Microsoft India teamed up to hold launch parties in several cities in India (Delhi, Pune, Bangalore and Mumbai) to promote HTC Radar running Windows Phone 7.5 one the eve of premiere of Rockstar, a bollywood movie, which is a stellar marketing move since Rockstar is attracting a lot of young crowd and this is exactly what their target audience is (hint: not-so-viral-video promoting Next sensible move? Television advertisements. Mozart and HD7 never received any sort of marketing push in India, probably why they died a slow death here, but Radar seems to have launched here in India with a different approach, which is surprisngly good for Windows Phone lovers in India. I predict 1 more month left before Windows Phone goes mainstream in India. Why? Nokia, of course. Nobody understands marketing in India better than Nokia.

Head over to Windows Phone India facebook page to check out bollywood fans getting quality time with HTC Radar with complimentary drinks (le sigh!). Oh, talking about quality time – we still haven’t received a review unit, HTC India.