Official Twitter application finally updated to Windows Phone Mango, looks presentable now

Windows Phone Mango famous for it’s native Twitter integration had a pretty weak native Twitter app which never received enough attention. I exchanged a few mails with microsoft employee who was working with Twitter few months back and the conversation ended abruptly with uncertainity of Twitter application’s future since native integration coupled with some fantastic third party applications rendered official twitter application useless. Then again, we are talking about Microsoft here which does thingsĀ at it’s own pace (not complaining now that the application is out).

Twitter has been finally been recompiled on Windows Phone mango much to user’s delight. The applications looks well..very twitter-esque with right combination of metro UI flavours. Couple of screen shots below for your viewing pleasures.

twitter for Windows Phone mango

twitter for Windows Phone mango



Download link for Twitter for Windows Phone Mango
Twitter user @modibimal is reporting a lot of issues, we also received a couple of messages regarding sign in issues. This will not end well particularly because Twitter support for Windows Phone is non existent.

Unfortunately, my Mozart has been dead for a few days – so if you find anything new in the update, please let us know in the comments below, post will be updated to reflect changes.