Samsung Focus S review

What’s a big screen device at 4.3 inches running Windows Phone and is considerably thin? For the majority of users, the answer is clear – something from HTC. Surprisingly, many would be absolutely wrong because Samsung released the Focus S, a Windows Phone that is sporting a 4.3 inch display running Windows Phone 7.5 that is also razor thin. However, unlike the Taiwanese company that has made their name for huge screen and razor thin chassis, the Samsung Focus S offers a Super Amoled Plus display in almost a thinner form factor than any of HTC’s 4.3 inch devices. Does the slim size make the Samsung Focus S a must have for those that want to try Windows Phone? Or is this one of those cases where size is actually a bad thing? Of course we’re not going to tell you now, you have to read the full review to find out more. Continue reading