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Nokia Music application XAP available for download, Nokia’s exclusive apps aren’t exclusive anymore

Oh dear. Nokia is losing all it’s “exclusive” applications to the folks at XDA. This time, XDA user Boz has got his hands dirty by deploying a build of Nokia Music, which is only available on Lumia devices, on his HTC Trophy. Nokia Music is(was?) one of the major selling point of Lumia (especially for countries where Zune is non existent, same holds true for Nokia Maps which outperforms Bing maps in majority of the countries) but after Nokia Maps and Nokia Music XAP availibility on all devices, probably Nokia Drive, as well, Nokia’s exclusive marketplace doesn’t seem exclusive anymore, if you have an unlocked device of course. Oh, you can unlock it for just $9. All aboard, the homebrew ship!
Hit the source to download the xap, meanwhile – take a look at Nokia Music running on HTC Trophy:

Source : Smartphonegurus via XDA


Tango for Windows Phone is here

We had earlier reported that Tango for Windows Phone would be launched soon. And here it is !

You can go get Tango here


The app looks for contacts in your contact list who have installed Tango and displays them in the list. It works with phones which don’t have a Front Facing Camera . Worked perfectly on my HTC HD7 .

So while Skype comes for Windows Phone, we suggest you try out Tango. It has a rich cross platform support ( iOs, Android , PC’s and Windows Phone )


Nokia to unveil Lumia devices in India on November 14th

Indian journalists and bloggers are receiving the much awaited invitation to a Nokia – Windows Phone launch event which will be held on November 14th in New Delhi. Nokia revealed Lumia 710 and Lumia 800 last month and we also reported on supposed December launch in India. The event is supposed to dig deeper on “ Amazing New Experiences “. The event is reported to unveil Lumia lineup along with it’s crucial retail price. India is probably the biggest market for Nokia and they have an excellent brand image here. So with some aggressive advertizing, both offline and online, Nokia can push Windows Phone to a large number of people with little effort. Of course, Microsoft India is doing all it possiblly can to improve dev. scene here in India. So we can expect Windows phone to go mainstream in India before the end of this year.


Windows Phone Nokia India

Windows Phone Nokia India

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Zune desktop software having issues with terms of service change

Update 2: The issue has been resolved, according to our tests and tweets by @ZuneSupport. Kudos to Microsoft for a speedy resolution.

Update: Neowin reports that Microsoft has put up a KB Article about this issue.

It is being reported widely on twitter that users of the desktop Zune software are unable to log in to their account. It seems that users are stuck in an endless loop of them accepting the terms of service, checking their communication preferences, and then the dialog pops back again.


When trying to log in, these three screens loop endlessly

Locally stored content can be played back, but streaming or downloading content using the Zunepass is currently not possible. Zunepass users can use the web interface for the immediate music fix in the mean time.



Samsung Focus Flash unboxing and first impressions

While many users may find the Samsung Focus S perfect to suit their needs, Windows Phone is bringing diversity of handsets to satisfy all users needs. One of the devices that is offered on AT&T currently is the Samsung Focus Flash, a 1.4 Ghz next gen snapdragon processor with a Super Amoled display measuring 3.7 inches diagonally. The device also offers a vga front facing shooter with a 5 mp shooter on back. In this unboxing, we are just going to go over the basics of the device and the AT&T packaging. In later stories, we will explore the software and perform some camera tests and give an overall review.

Surprisingly, the device feels really good in hand and reminds me of the Sony Xperia X1 device that came out a few years ago with Windows Mobile 6.1. There’s something about the design of the device that definitely makes for a sturdier device versus the Samsung Focus S. I love the viewing angles of the device as well. For a Super Amoled display, the colors are extremely vibrant at many angles, despite the device not being Super Amoled Plus. But one has to wonder what Samsung sacrificed to get the price point so low besides the memory. Stick around at wpsauce for our full review!


Download Nokia Maps Beta XAP for all unlocked Windows Phone devices

Nokia Maps was supposed to be a Nokia exclusive application (atleast for quite some time) but then again why wait when you can get the application right now? Impatient XDA folks managed to grab the xap (no surprise here) and have posted the download link for the xap. If you have an unlocked device, you can test the Nokia Maps Beta right away which is currently officially available only for Lumia 800 Nokia phones. Hit the download link below to obtain the xap.

Alternate download link : Multiupload

Source: XDA thread