NFC, Mobile Wallet support and new models for Nokia’s American Windows Phones

Though almost everything about Nokia’s Lumia 800 and 710 was pretty great, one thing that people complained about was the lack of NFC support. Folks from America, where NFC has started to take off, complained even more since they had to suffer a delayed launch.
Well, Nokia’s Executive VP of Location and Commerce, Michael Halbherr, alleviated both of these concerns in a recent interview.

The executive also elaborated on Nokia’s plans for NFC. American Windows Phones would be “equally supported” with NFC when they come to the US, he said. One of the first phones unofficially expected to come to the US, the Lumia 710, won’t have NFC, but Nokia has already said that much of the US launch would involve new models.

As for using NFC services in the country, Halbherr saw Nokia taking a more conservative approach. It had to be “accommodating and open” to systems like the upcoming Isis and be compatible, he said, but it wasn’t committing at this stage. It was “not clever” to make particular choices for services, he said.

Focus words here are ‘new models’ and ‘NFC’, of course. Support for NFC could easily work with the variety of accessories that Nokia has unveiled and the ways the technology is deployed will only get cooler.

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CDMA, LTE still coming, HVGA is dead, long live WVGA?

GSM seem to be getting all of the love for Windows Phone. So where is the CDMA love? We all know that Andy Lees, president of the Windows Phone division, indicated that LTE is coming to Windows Phone, but is lacking LTE holding back new devices for our CDMA brethren? According to Andy Lees:

[the lack of CDMA is]no limitation of the OS, it’s a timing thing between the operator and the OEMS

Greg Sullivan, Windows Phone senior product manager, has also put other OEMs minds at ease silencing that Nokia would get Mango source for LTE support first by indicating:

I don’t think there’s any kind of head start [Nokia] gets, but I think Stephen [Elop} was more aggressive in terms of getting out there with the news

Finally, the 320×480 screen resolution that was once considered a requirement for lower chassis Windows Phone devices has met an untimely end. Noting that the price of WVGA panels have decreased drastically, WVGA seems to be the lower end requirement for Windows Phones. In lieu of that, I wouldn’t be too surprised seeing a new Chassis 1 specifications in March.

But that’s just me. What do you think?

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spotify wp7

Spotify for Windows Phone now available for free

Spotify, a popular music streaming service is ready to face the competition from Microsoft’s very own streaming service, Zune. Spotify is already available on multiple mobile platforms and has finally made it’s way to the Windows Phone marketplace today. Spotify application for Windows phone was first teased way back in April showcasing Spotify running fluidly on Windows Phone 7.5. So yes, it’s been a long wait but hopefully it’s worth it if the service is available in your country. Take it for a spin and let us know.

Download link for Spotify for Windows Phone

Here’s a quick demo from Tom Warren of WinRumors


After WhatsApp, Spotify is another heavily requested application that has arrived at the marketplace with Skype and Lync soon to come. The application store right now is flourishing with high quality applications – so if you are backing out from buying a Windows Phone because it lacks applications – you have another reason to stop yourself from taking this foolish decision, grab a Windows Phone from your nearest store.