Battery Status displays your Windows Phone device’s battery health on home screen (HomeBrew)

When Windows Phone Mango’s change log went public – I and several others were disappointed by Microsoft’s decision to ignore pinning of in Setting menus – like Wifi / Bluetooth / Battery / etc. Microsoft solved this issue by providing developers a workaround which produced an array of applications, one of them being ” Instant Access ” from Yours Truly. So the point is – it filled a void. What about battery indicator? Microsoft added a battery saver mode (should be renamed to life saver mode) which is useful but you cannot pin it to home screen and MS didn’t provide any APIs for developers to play with. This is exactly where Homebrew superheroes from XDA come in. XDA user singularity0821 came up with a Battery Status application that lets you see battery status ( to be specific, it shows thepercentage of battery life left) on the live tile. It also plots a graph derived by logging battery status. The application works on all unlocked devices. Team from Chevron labs unveiled Chevron unlock couple of days back offering users a way to unlock their devices for just $9. The homebrew audience is already massive on XDA forums. Now with the Chevron push – homebrew community is going to flourish. Anyways, here’s the link to the xap and more details on the application:

XDA : Battery Status

This application suffers from the live tile 30 minute update limitation (imposed by OS) so if you see 5% battery remaining on the live tile – you better charge it up before it’s too late.


CloudMuzik, a Google Music app to keep an eye out for

One of the solutions for users to play their music uploaded to Google Music’s cloud service is to play it in the IE9 browser. Of course, while that solution is practical, there are several drawbacks. For instance, there was no way to change music when the device was locked, the general user interface of the web app was downright ugly, and a few more issues that made the experience less than stellar. So to any person using Mr. Green Roboto and wants to switch to Windows Phone, keep their Google Music, and try to keep out of Zune, that’s a huge let down. Enter CloudMuzik to ease the frustration free you from that webapp nightmare!

Developed by Jeremy Sinclair, aka snickler, the app provides quite a few features:

  • 1000 song limit (only for the beta, the final will have access of your full music catalog)
  • Song, album, and artist search
  • Background image of artist during playback
  • Seeking through song
  • Background audio

Currently, the program is still in beta, but stick with for complete coverage and the release into Windows Phone marketplace. But sufficed to say, this will help some users switch by offering comparable services on Windows Phone. If you want to keep up with the open beta check out xda-developers thread