Windows Phone gains interest, still has a PR Problem

Microsoft Windows Phone is gaining momentum in a variety of different areas with many analysts calling Windows Phone the third ecosystem with the fall of RIM and WebOS. If anyone recalls, Tom Kang, a director of Strategy Analytics, indicated Windows Phone will double market share in Western Europe. Surprisingly, similar gambits have been made to put Windows Phone ahead of many of its competitors for one reason or another. One has to ask why hasn’t Windows Phone seen much of the gambits made come to reality? To be frank, it has a PR problem.

The news doesn’t come as a shock as many die-hard Windows Phone users will also similarly conclude that and also agree that the primary reason why users aren’t using Windows Phone is because no one knows it exists. Ingrid Lunden now validated the conclusion objectively:

And among the 50 percent of consumers who said they will be buying a smartphone [in the coming quarter], but didn’t want to buy a Windows Phone, the biggest reason, accounting for 46 percent of respondents, was because they didn’t know enough about the Windows Phone OS.

While the conclusion is almost a given considering the plethora of reasons why Windows Phone isn’t a success, Lunden’s report isn’t all bad for Windows Phone:

[H]ere’s a curious fact: when all mobile users who either owned a smartphone or intended to purchase one were asked about what kinds of devices they want to buy next, 44 percent also said that they were considering Windows Phone 7 devices — meaning that the door is open for significantly more sales of Windows Phone 7 devices, if Microsoft and OEMs (and specifically its newest and biggest OEM, Nokia) get their acts together.

So the news isn’t all bad. The only thing Microsoft needs to do is get a better ad campaign to focus on the operating system in a cool and ingenious way. You know, like Nokia has already done



A new Microsoft commercial showing interconnected Windows Phone

I love a commercial that even has a tiny blip of Windows Phone functions and how seamless integration occurs with a Windows 7 PC. So, when I was watching something on a friend’s DVR and saw this, I had to share.

What do you think? Using Windows 7 as a way to show some really fun ways to use Windows Phone? Personally, it is a unique way to showcase some function of Windows Phone by offering the several ways that the general Windows ecosystem is evolving. And while the commercial got a chuckle out of me, it had the almost somewhat unrealistic tone that the Get in, Get out campaign last year had. It’s nothing like a Nokia commercial or the HTC commercial that shows almost an artistic nature of the Windows Phone, but almost the buffoonery that will get a laugh out of some. It has its place, but it’s necessary to have a didactic message to sell Windows Phone.


Easy to develop with the Nokia Lumia? Watson says yes

Have you been aching to develop for Windows Phone and just haven’t been motivated to? Do you want to be a recognized developer and get paid working for Microsoft? Well it’s easy, according to Senior Director for Windows Phone, Brandon Watson. Fundamentally, he indicated to get started, get noticed, and get paid as he speaks candidly about the Nokia Lumia.

Brandon also pointed out the short changes between Microsoft’s first iteration of development and current developer tools. Brandon is excited about the prospect of Windows Phone and Nokia because of the emphasis placed on Windows Phone and the belief in Windows Phone as being a success. Do you want to watch the interview in its full? Take a look below: