New Developer Program for Windows Phone India

DEVELOPERS DEVELOPERS DEVELOPERS! Microsoft has announced a clever new program to bring new developers from India to make new Windows Phone apps. The incentives are pretty cool, and each promise some free Windows Phone if you fit in the following categories:

    A registered participant submits THREE qualified Windows Phone Application in the Marketplace and gets a chance to receive a Windows Phone. In this category, the Applications must be distinct and of non-trivial utility value for the Application User. A “Spam” or close replicas of existing Windows Phone Applications are disqualified.
    A registered participant submitting TWO qualified Windows Phone Applications in the Marketplace which are ported from existing Android or iPhone Applications get to receive a Windows Phone.
    A first of its kind in the developer space, the first 100 registered Woman Developers who submit ONE (1) qualified Windows Phone Application each in the Marketplace qualify to receive a Windows Phone each. The applications can be based on Entertainment, Fashion, Leisure, Sports, Recreation or Travel themes.

Admittedly, the incentive to get women developers making apps for Windows Phone is actually a good idea as is generally getting developers all over the world to develop. And heck, you gotta love getting a free Windows Phone out of the deal, right?


nokia lumia 800

Nokia inks exclusive deals for Windows Phone, makes it really viable

What makes or break a smartphone isn’t the loyal zealots evangelizing the platform to unsuspecting people, or the hardware that runs inside the device. In this day and age, it is all about the apps. Sadly, when comparing Windows Phone to Mr. Green Roboto and that curious fruit, apps aren’t one of Windows Phone strongest suits (despite the exponential growth of the Windows Phone Marketplace this year). Seems as if Nokia has been paying attention as they’ve personally inked a lot of exclusive apps for their brand of handsets. How many exclusive deals have they inked? 27. It doesn’t seem like a lot, but it’s the type of exclusivity that makes the device interesting to the average consumer

Nokia is beefing up the gaming selection on Windows Phone by partnering with EA’s rather huge portfolio to release 10 titles not seen on Windows Phone. You ay know some of the names: Madden 2012, Fifa 2012, Deadspace, just to name a few. If that doesn’t have your motor running, some classic games are coming for Nokia devices like Monopoly, Connect 4, Risk, Yahtzee and several others. EA also inked in numerous titles from Chillingo publisher.

In addition, Nokia is providing a beefed up ESPN app. While this doesn’t seem like news in the beginning, one unique feature is the ability to modify content depending on location. Unlike the current ESPN app in the marketplace, it’s pretty difficult to find stats on that cricket match or non American football. Then, there’s that ability to pin your team stats to your start menu.

That’s not all folks. Sesame Workshop is also teaming up with Nokia to present unique content for Windows Phone for the kiddies. Five new apps are coming, but there isn’t a word on the content, but it is most likely kid friendly. They’re puppets that teach kids about…things.

Finally, a public transit app that I’ve been personally waiting for. Let’s be honest, not everyone drives. It’s nice to have a public transit app. The program also allows you to pin your favorite routes and pin a live tile to your start screen for transit times. Nice!

I am not going to lie or mince words. Nokia hardware may be mediocre. But the exclusives definitely outweigh device limitations.

via: liveside


ST-Ericsson NovaThor in Nokia Windows Phones

Qualcomm has sat nice and pretty as being the only chip powering Windows Phone. However, the exclusive reign that Microsoft had with Qualcomm may be coming to an end with an official announcement from ST-Ericsson powering their NovaThor processor in Nokia Windows Phones.


November 02, 2011

NovaThor™ platform to enable Nokia to extend Windows Phone devices to new price points and geographies

Geneva, Switzerland, November 2, 2011 – Nokia has selected ST-Ericsson as a supplier for future devices it plans to introduce based on the Windows Phone mobile platform.
“We are pleased to have been selected by Nokia as a key partner for Windows smartphones, in line with our goal to be present in all segments and major operating systems,” said Gilles Delfassy, president and CEO of ST-Ericsson. “Our NovaThor platforms continue to gain traction as they enable customers to bring great smartphones to the market.”

The news comes as a shock for a variety of reasons. NovaThor processors are known to power some international (albeit cheaper priced) dual core devices. Two main issues with the agreement: Windows Phone lacks official support for dual core processors, and this is not Qualcomm. Now it’s very possible that by the time Tango is released, the support for dual core could be there. Alternatively, it is possible that ST-Ericsson will be releasing new single core chipsets to power Nokia Windows Phone. Currently, that is the only thing that can possibly make some sense considering there is no announcement of the type of chips that ST-Ericsson is using in the Nokia devices.

Ironically, some hardware fragmentation continues on the Windows Phone. But sometimes, diversity can be a very good thing if it means cutting the cost of phones to the consumer or offering better choices. Just, don’t make it similar to a green robot’s fragmentation kay? Thanks.


Nokia to share maps, keeping voice turn by turn navi

Christmas is just around the corner and what better way for Nokia to show its charitable side by releasing Nokia Maps to all Windows Phones! If you recall, Nokia Maps is one of the most versatile features of any Nokia smartphone, beefing up the growing Windows Phone map space. But with Nokia’s generous donation comes a catch – no voice guided turn by navigation is in the share fest, that service is only for Nokia Windows Phones. While it comes as no shock that Nokia wants to keep their voice guided navigation system on their own proprietary handsets making any Nokia Windows Phone more viable. It isn’t going to be easy choosing Windows Phones this year…

source: ZDNet