WP7 on Toshiba Tsunagi? Yes

In general, it was believed that the only legacy device capable of running Windows Phone 7 in any iteration was the HTC HD2. But it seems that there is another device that can run Windows Phone 7 – the Toshiba Tsunagi.

The Toshiba Tsunagi [TG-01] packs a 1 GHz snapdragon processor with a 4.1 in resistive touch screen (at the time a very big device). Under many assumptions (the screen specifically), the device was assumed to not run Windows Phone 7. But recognized developer Nosker has extended the shelf life to the aging device by successfully porting Windows Phone 7 to the TG-01. So what are the details? Well…

  • Windows Phone 7.0 [no mango yet]
  • OS version: 7510

While the port has some drawbacks, this gives a lot of TG-01 users a new reason to get their device from their dresser. Let us know what you think of the port below!

via: xda developers

Windows Phone Nokia India

Microsoft India reveals Windows Phone Cine Film, reminds us of Indian soap operas

I just finished watching a brand new Cine Film created for Windows Phone India promotion with the following caption:

You will always love your friends no matter what. Introducing Windows Phone. No moment is worth missing. Now reward your friends.

This is the first indigeneous video from Windows Phone India team promoting (not functional, at this moment). This will hopefully be developed into a web series of some sort show casing the individual and unique Windows phone mango features.

I’ll just leave the video below and quickly slide accross the room in utter darkness while I closely observe your reaction to this video.

(Happy Halloween)

o haii Lumia 710?

Tl;dW: Typical Indian wife suspicious of her husband calls his friends to know his whereabouts and his friends create a bunch of varied excuses and the husband ends up getting caught at some mall with his friends. Can’t believe you read all this. Watch the darn video.

The best part is that the wife finds his friend’s numbers via the native Group feature in Windows Phone mango. So yes, it’s unnecessarily streched far too long. Oh well, it’s a start. Good or bad – I’ll leave it to you.