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Windows Phone India Update : HTC Radar available online, Lumia 800 coming soon [Update]

Microsoft has updated the Windows Phone website  in India to include HTC Radar, Nokia Lumia 710 andNokia Lumia 800 in its smartphone lineup. But there is something curious going on here. It lists the Nokia Lumia 800 as “COMING SOON” while the other two phones are listed plainly without the availability announcement. See it for yourself in this pic where it says ‘Coming Soon’ for the 800 above Compare Price.

Now this could mean two things; First – that the Lumia 800 will soon be available but there is nothing concrete about the other two; & Second – that the Radar and Lumia 710 are already available and Lumia 800 will be available later. Which one is correct?

Further, if you follow the link for HTC Radar, it announces the price as INR 23,990 and it is available for purchase from the Microsoft Store NOW!! Don’t believe me? Look at this pic where the “Add to Cart” button invites you to order the phone online and then proceed to checkout.

This lends credence to the second theory that the Radar and Lumia 710 are supposed to be available earlier and the Lumia 800 wiil be here ‘soon’. However, following the Lumia 710 link takes you to the Nokia India website where it gives detailed specifications but does not indicate price or availablity.

So what exactly is going on here? Will Microsoft, HTC or Nokia clarify?

Update : Microsoft India has confirmed via twitter (@MicrosoftIndia) that HTC Radar is indeed available and the Nokia phones are coming later.

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