Screen Capture (66)

Take screenshots in Windows Phone without tethering using Screen Capturer

Taking screenshots hasn’t been easy on Windows Phone so far but thanks to a utility called ‘Screen Capturer’ by Jerry Jiang, you can now take screen caps without having to tether your device. The utility requires your device to developer unlocked and has been recently updated to version 3 bringing forth the following changes :

  • Full English version
  • Redesigned UI with Metro interface
  • Use camera button to take screen caps (!)
  • Prevent Capture Task auto run: Capture Task uses BackgroundAgent to run and wait for Camera button event, BackgroundAgent may auto run in some case, enable this option to stop auto capture.
  • The Capture Task duration: How long will the Capture Task run before it stop to accept Camera button event.

The app will help you take screenshots pretty much everywhere except games and video. You can grab v3 of the app from XDA.






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