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Nokia Lumia 710 and Lumia 800 to come with Microsoft Lync and exclusive FLAC format support!

Another quick head’s up. If you take a look at the specs. of Nokia Windows Phone page of Nokia 800 and 710 – you’d notice something quite odd. First up is Microsoft Lync client noted as a feature which means it’s coming along with the devices. Micrsooft Lync client has been promised by Microsoft to see light of the day on Windows Phone this year, but we still haven’t seen it. With Nokia launching Lumia handsets as early as November in Europe, we are hoping for Lync client to be publicly available on all devices soon. Second thing we noticed is, to be honest quite shocking (in a good way) – FLAC Support is coming to Nokia Windows Phone devices. Don’t believe me? Take a look yourself here¬†FLAC is not a supported format in Zune, mind you. So this seems to be a Nokia exclusive. Yes, Zune doesn’t support FLAC, according to Wikipedia.

Follow more Nokia World coverage here. Detailed post on both Nokia 710 and 800 coming up. Stay tuned.


3 thoughts on “Nokia Lumia 710 and Lumia 800 to come with Microsoft Lync and exclusive FLAC format support!”

  1. Yes, I have not yet try and will not bought Mango device (either Nokia). Nokia’s strategy is to keep most of user out of N9 (Meego) to get byers for MS-Nokia phones. Maybe I will bought N9 because it is something new and intersting.

    I have wonder long time why to bought Nokia MS phones do You have answer why? If Mango is so good why Samsung or LG sell only some of MS phones? Software may be good but not anything amazing.

    I don’t see the point when Nokia run MS-software inside where is Nokia’s profit? I mean how Nokia make their money? Phone selling will bring only some prozent maximum 8 – 9 % profit before taxes ect. Anyway Nokia had make some big mistakes and biggest was to forgot customers and US market.

  2. Izmo67…as consumers, why should we care what mistakes (marketing, distribution, sales) a company makes in the US market. As long as the product is good, meets user’s requirements, priced correctly it has a fair shot at the market. Clearly there 6billion more customers outside of US, and the focus is on those markets (besides, the factory can only churn out so many sets and there maybe other reasons we may not be aware).

    Samsung and LG sell only some MS phones? Well how many new iPhones was released last in the last 16 months?? One.

    Nokia’s profit? Question…should they use their own dwindling resources to develop the OS or let MS carry that burden…..everyone has the same margin in the business. Not much choice they have since this is their core business. Besides, with single core chips, MS phone isn’t that expensive to make ;)

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