Halo Way Point fall update for Windows Phone devices previewed, shows unique Xbox 360 sync

Halo Way Point is a Windows Phone exclusive application released as a companion application to the big daddy Console game Halo reach providing game data, milestones, progress and more. Upcoming Fall update lets you create new challenges, accept challenges, view progress and more importantly a brand new feature calledĀ  A.T.L.A.S ( Assisted Tactical Assault System) which shows you highly detailed in-gameĀ maps. One notable feature, that we’d most certainly see in future XBL titles: 360 and WP7 sync. Fall update will now let you see real time positioning and statistics of you and your teammates straight on your device via ATLAS while you are playing the game on your console. How cool is that? Take a look at the extra ordinary update that’s coming soon to your Windows Phone device :

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