Can My Device WiFi Tether?

Perhaps one of the biggest questions asked by many Windows Phone Mango owners is whether their device can Wifi tether (commonly referred to as internet sharing). Microsoft has indicated that future devices have the feature onboard with carrier agreements, but what about the older devices? Do they have wifi tether enabled? Part of the answer lies in the chipset. If manufacturers use the BRCM 4329 wifi chipset, then the support for wifi tethering is either native on the device or is awaiting a firmware update. However, for the devices that use BRCM 4325, wifi tethering is a no go. So which devices have the appropriate chipset? The answer is listed below:

BRCM 4329 wifi chipset devices that work today

  • Samsung Omnia 7
  • Samsung Focus
  • HTC Mozart
  • HTC Titan
  • HTC Radar

The above devices have wifi tethering enabled – either through OEM ROM or using some hacking means. The devices that require some hacking are the Samsung Focus and the Samsung Omnia 7. Instructions for enabling wifi tethering can be found here.

Of course, there are also devices that have the BRCM 4329 wifi chip, but are waiting for support via their respective OEM or through other means. These devices have the chipset and should enable wifi tethering in the not too distant future:

BRCM 4329 wifi chipset devices that are waiting for future drivers

  • HTC HD7
  • HTC 7 Pro
  • HTC Surround
  • HTC Trophy
  • LG E900

The above devices may corroborate with previous reports that indicate wifi tethering is coming in a future Windows Phone update. For those owners of the devices, that is good news.

Finally, the only device that is using the BRCM 4325 Wifi Chipset that does not support wifi tethering. The Dell Venue Pro. Unfortunately, Dell Venue Pro owners will not be able to wifi tether, however USB tethering is enabled on almost every Windows Phone Device; including the Dell Venue Pro. To USB Tethering, however, a developer unlocked device is needed.

For now, it is only a matter of time before the devices with wifi tethering are released internationally and all users can enjoy the speeds gained.

source: xda-developers

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