Forward Contact : App Review

I have a problem with Smartphone OSes. They do all the things in the world, except what they should do. I usually get into organizing lots of events and at times I have to send across contacts to my team members. My Nokia N73 had the option to forward the contact as a Business Card to anyone. An option, I miss in my HTC HD7 .

And so when Nirmit , who also writes for Windows Phone Sauce told me about his app – I was excited to try it out. Forward Contact is an app, that lets you forward details of your Contacts to someone via Messaging or Email . Now this was something, I was waiting for . And Forward Contact does this pretty well .

All you have to do is Select the contact – Choose how you want to send the Contact and Bingo ! You are done . Another cool feature ( that I totally Love ) is that the  app lets me generate QR Code of a certain contact !

Thanks a ton, Nirmit – for this app ! You guys go and download this app here ( Mango Only ) while I forward the cute chick’s number to Nirmit.


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