titan vs lumia 800

Benchmarks of Nokia’s Windows Phone : Lumia 800

The slew of leaks just keeps on coming and we aren’t complaining. Maybe its just a measure of the anticipation of the hype around today’s event or just a few well-placed sources but TNW has obtained benchmarks of the Lumia 800, one of the three Windows Phones Nokia’s supposed to launch today.
First up are the Browsermark and Sunspider results where admittedly the Lumia’s doesn’t take any performance crowns but its not expected to seeing as its fighting against devices with dual-core chips inside. These benchmarks give an idea about the power of the CPU inside and browser optimization.

Next are the CPU Integer and CPU Floating Point results which give target the hardware’s performance directly. Espoo’s device performs very well here against the HTC Titan, which is among the best Windows Phones available in the market.

Going by the numbers, we can easily surmise that Nokia’s offerings will compete well against the current batch of phones running Redmond’s OS, though it will more interesting to see dual-core devices when support is added for them in Apollo. You can see more screenshots at the source link.


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