Facebook 2.2 update is go!

While Windows Phone Mango brings a plethora of features, including tighter Facebook integration, the Windows Phone Facebook program has been lackluster. Alas the program chugged along with each update getting better and better. Now Facebook’s newest update, version 2.2 has been released in Windows Phone marketplace and brings a few changes that makes the experience much better.

Version 2.2 gives users the ability to pin messages, notifications, and a few other elements prominent to the app, on your start screen. Toasts and live tile notifications have received a bump and now function for a wide variety of notifications, including being tagged, friend requests and messages. Finally, the Mango “instant resume” is in full effect, but there is still a slight bit of lag unfortunately. If the lag is gone, the Facebook app would be top of the class.

Are you going to be using the updated Facebook app? Do let us know!