Internet Sharing a go for HTC Mozart in India

If any of our readers recall our Internet Sharing article, several devices have the potential to support wifi hotspots. Since then, LG Germany has pushed out a firmware update to enable wifi hotspots for their devices. And now it is HTC Mozart owners in India to have their wifi hotspots.

The update has also been rolled out to Hong Kong HTC Mozart users, but sadly wifi internet sharing is still disabled. Joe Belfiore and several key Windows Phone staff have gone on the record to indicate that wifi internet sharing is based on the carrier wishes. Perhaps that is the reason why some users are receiving it over others. Bummer.


Windows Phone on AT&T November 6, 2011

Out with the old and in with the new is always good in the mobile space. Especially when the new comes in the form of new Windows Phones. HTC announced their line of devices, the HTC Titan and the HTC Radar, which will arrive on Ma Bell before the holiday season. Now, the Samsung Focus S and its little spec’d brother, the Focus Flash will officially come to AT&T November 6. If you’ve not been following the two devices, that’s alright. The two both offer front facing cameras, and the same 1.4 GHz-single core second generation snapdragon goodness. But where the two differ is on size, camera, screen and pricing. The Samsung Focus S will pack a 4.3 in. Super Amoled Plus display with an 8 MP shooter and will be priced at $200 on a new 2 year contract. Meanwhile, the Focus Flash will be a 3.7 in. Super Amoled display with a 5 MP camera priced at $50 on a new 2 year contract. Looks like the holidays just got busy with the addition of these two Mango hitters, will you buy?