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Windows Phone India Update : HTC Radar available online, Lumia 800 coming soon [Update]

Microsoft has updated the Windows Phone website  in India to include HTC Radar, Nokia Lumia 710 andNokia Lumia 800 in its smartphone lineup. But there is something curious going on here. It lists the Nokia Lumia 800 as “COMING SOON” while the other two phones are listed plainly without the availability announcement. See it for yourself in this pic where it says ‘Coming Soon’ for the 800 above Compare Price.

Now this could mean two things; First – that the Lumia 800 will soon be available but there is nothing concrete about the other two; & Second – that the Radar and Lumia 710 are already available and Lumia 800 will be available later. Which one is correct?

Further, if you follow the link for HTC Radar, it announces the price as INR 23,990 and it is available for purchase from the Microsoft Store NOW!! Don’t believe me? Look at this pic where the “Add to Cart” button invites you to order the phone online and then proceed to checkout.

This lends credence to the second theory that the Radar and Lumia 710 are supposed to be available earlier and the Lumia 800 wiil be here ‘soon’. However, following the Lumia 710 link takes you to the Nokia India website where it gives detailed specifications but does not indicate price or availablity.

So what exactly is going on here? Will Microsoft, HTC or Nokia clarify?

Update : Microsoft India has confirmed via twitter (@MicrosoftIndia) that HTC Radar is indeed available and the Nokia phones are coming later.


Illegal NES roms/emulators pulled from Marketplace

As the Windows Phone Marketplace growth continues, a key issue that Microsoft has incorporated is the filtering of spam in its marketplace in an attempt to keep the marketplace clean. Some time ago, an NES emulator was added to the marketplace with ROMs being sold at $2.49. Well, what’s the problem with the purchase you may ask? To put it simply, copyright. The developer who submitted the emulators to the marketplace copied an abandoned xna NES emulator, uploaded an emulator with games, and began to spam the marketplace with illegal rom distribution for a price.

Finally, after some time, Microsoft removed the applications from their marketplace emphasizing no spam and illegal rom distribution. Unfortunately, the damage has been done and it is difficult to say whether people actually purchased any of the uploaders title, or whether Microsoft will be issuing refunds to the people affected. But for now, it is good to see Microsoft is taking a positive stance on the no spam policy in the Windows Phone marketplace.



Qualcomm: Windows Phone gives high quality user experience on single cores

When Fudzilla finally cornered Qualcomm on their use of single core processors in Windows Phone, the company had the following to say:

Windows Phone devices are built around specific hardware requirements that drive consistent and high-quality end user experiences. Qualcomm’s Snapdragon mobile processor and chip system software, which today ships in every Windows Phone device, is redefining mobility for consumers around the world by offering an unprecedented combination of mobile processing performance, rich multimedia, GPS, high-performance graphics, wireless connectivity and power efficiency

Understandably, Qualcomm preaches to the choir as the company echoes the sentiments of several current Windows Phones users. As a result of the experience, users typically remind others of the silky smooth nature that Windows Phone has over Android devices running dual core processors. However, the current trend in smartphone technology is shifting toward dual core and quad core processors in mobile devices by 2013. It wouldn’t be a smart business plan for Windows to emphasize user experience when technology requires the company to improve their Chassis 1 hardware specifications.

via: Fudzilla


Nokia Lumia 710 glides through the FCC with T-Mobile Bands

Remember when we posted the Nokia Lumia line may not be coming to America? Well, it looks like the FCC may say otherwise.

The Nokia Lumia 710 (the lower spec’d little brother) has passed through the FCC with T-Mobile US 3G/4G 1700 Mhz banding. While the FCC approved a device on October 24, signifying a definitive US launch, there have been several devices that have passed the FCC that never came to fruition. For now, let’s place this in the rumor folder in our minds and our hearts hoping it moves into reality.

via: wpcentral