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Nokia UK gets metro, entices you with the Lumia for liking!

Honestly, I love contests don’t you? Especially when the prize attached is the Nokia Lumia before it launches in UK?

Nokia UK has officially redesigned their Facebook UK page to show its love of the Windows Phone start menu. The information shown are links to preorder the Nokia Lumia, view a demo of the Lumia in action and a chance to win the Nokia Lumia. How do you enter? Like the page and you are entered to win the Nokia Lumia. While it is not open to anyone outside of the UK, it is still a nice incentive. You may want to wear a lucky charm of some sort to increase your chances of winning. Contest ends November 9, 2011 with results posted November 11, 2011.

via:Nokia UK


Acer Allegro announced and €299 Unlocked

The Acer Allegro (formerly known as the Acer W4) has been officially announced. Previous coverage of the device didn’t reveal much besides Acer is working on a Windows Phone at a competitive price point. Now, Acer has given a lot more detail about their device, including pricing and hardware specs!

The phone is clocked at 1.0 GHz 2nd generation (MSM8255) with the Adreno 205 GPU with an 8 GB onboard storage. The device is also running with 512 MB RAM with a 3.6I screen resolution diagonally at a WVGA resolution. There’s only a rear camera at 5 MP with 720P video recording with a single LED flash. Talk time is expected to be 6 hours, with a 1300 mAh Lithium-ion battery.

The device is expected to hit France in mid-November at €299 unlocked in either dark black or fully white. Are you going to buy the device? Let us know in the comments!


Folders For Windows Phone Released

We previously reported that Windows Phone Hacker (WPH) was close to releasing a hack that would enable devices to have actual folders on your Windows Phone start screen. And now it is released! Here’s what you need to get folders on your device too:

  • an unlocked (developer/chevron) device
  • Windows Phone Mango (since it is available on 100% of devices, this shouldn’t be an issue
  • If you want folders on your Windows Phone, head on to windowsphonehacker and let us know of your results!